Children's nightmares by Joshua Hoffine (15 Photos)

fear hoffine lead Children's nightmares by Joshua Hoffine (15 Photos)

Joshua Hoffine has become America’s premiere horror photographer. Using elaborate sets and precise lighting angles, Josh easily prods our innermost fears. Check out his most recent work here.

All photos via news AU

  • bane

    He should have at least used a tarantula that looked alive on #6, instead of an exvium that doesn’t even have the abdomen.

    • doctorwhorules

      My thoughts, word for word.

  • ohno

    clowns scare the shit out of me

  • robert ball

    Okay, I gotta say this, and I mean no disrespect; the photos are very well done and I’m sure he took a lot of time and effort on them. But – this guy is demented. Sorry.

  • Equalizer

    4th picture is the most creepiest.

  • Some49er

    The post from last Dec was better.. These aren’t new.. Someone said thats his daughter. Poor kid can you imagine her damn nightmares!!

  • s3xt0y

    I love the bathtub throat slit.

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  • LOL

    Okay. I am thinking, PHOTOSHOP or taxidermy on a lot of these. As for his kid & her nightmares, I think she probably has a healthy imagination and realizes that this is just fun/art. If she can see her Dad make monsters, she knows they aren’t real. 😉

  • Deuely

    Okay, all you haters need to chill out. As demented as it may be, its art, nothing more. Its no worse than you see in horror films. Personally, I think its very creative.

  • Some49er

    Leave HellHathNoFury alone…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vance

    I think this stuff is awesome. If you don’t like it guess what? Nobody cares

  • Nate_karr

    this shit is awesome. they kind of inspire a new tattoo i may get… it would be cool to put them all together for an epic back piece.

  • Anonymous

    oh my goodness. wonderful creepy photography.

  • mollee

    Very creative, very creepy. My inner child is quaking. Nate_karr, amazing idea!! If you ever do it, I want pics.

  • motou

    Fuck you HellHathNoFury!

  • Digitsis

    I am guessing but due to having taken part in her dad’s very creepy work, his daughter is more able to distinguish between real and fantasy than kids plunked in front of violent tv/film and video games

  • bastian

    the girl about the bathtub is hot!!!, the best of the gallery!!!

  • dragontamer363

    I agree with the hellhethnofury opinion bashing in that an artist’ s display isn’t a reflection of his treatment fo others.

    For one, these pictures strike a real chord, becaus ethey delve deep into teh child psyche – before we learn that it is man and humanity itslef (ie murders rape etc) that we shoudl fear…this is back to a more primal time where we fear of being devoured. That, i think, he encapsulates very well and certainly gels with teh nightmares i used ot have as a kid.

    That this is all staged is excellent. And I have no doubts that the kid actor/s are looked after very professionally.

    too often do we worry about frightening kids, when really when the ‘danger’ is removed from a kid’s psyche, they’re no onger disturbed or upset by the scenes.
    hell, why do you think so many kids like dinosaurs and monsters?

    Great art, I’d like to see more.

  • omnomnomnom

    awesome possum

  • Anonymous

    I think the clown is the creepiest, what’s unseen is the scariest part.

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  • Signe

    Some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen! I wish I could make something equally awesome!

    The bathtub one is clearly inspired by real-life-vampire and blood-bath-taker Countess Erzbeth Bathori (many different spellings used) she let her hundreds of young, female victims slowly bleed to death into her bath

  • doodahdoodoo

    i’d rather this come out in art than for it to come out in some other form of catharsis.

    (keep in mind that hitler was denied entrance to art school.)

  • Anonymous

    HellHathNoFury is fucken retarded stop posting shit your fcuken stupid you act as though no one knows anything asnd you know it all are you a crime scence investigator? then shut the fuck up you dont watch scary movies because your a partents are probabley bible thumping homos and the only time you feel relief form the sheltered life youv lived is when your mowing down a double cheese…if your gonna leave your opinon stop acting like your some sort of perfessonal whos opinion on the subject matters cause it doesnt everything you post is just sickeneing you honestly need to fuck off

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