Children's nightmares by Joshua Hoffine (15 Photos)

fear hoffine lead Children's nightmares by Joshua Hoffine (15 Photos)

Joshua Hoffine has become America’s premiere horror photographer. Using elaborate sets and precise lighting angles, Josh easily prods our innermost fears. Check out his most recent work here.

All photos via news AU

  • Psara

    Everyone knows monsters can’t get you when you’re on your bed.

  • Test |

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  • ken

    Nightmares and feelings of horror and terror are universal human experiences and are, therefore, a totally legitimate subject for art.

    Those creating or patronizing art in the horror genre are no more demented that those who choose to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park or go skydiving. Being thrilled or scared in a safe environment is of far wider appeal than psychological pathology.

    Not liking it is one thing. Saying there is something wrong with people who do is something else.

    Thumbs up to these renderings.

  • erwrwqeq

    Pure fucking Genius. Hope to have Joshua Hoffine do my Cd Cover Art someday.

  • Nick

    this scared the shit out of me…im 21

  • Nick

    scared the piss out of me…

  • Dom

    I don’t care about any of the above comments, this guys work is fucking fantastic!

  • HellHathNoFury

    You can tell a hel of alot more about a man by how he treats those smaller than himself than by how he treats his equals. This guy is garbage, and I’m shocked that The chive is glorifying him.

  • tiktok

    if you truly believe what you’ve typed, i’ll be the first to retort that you’re a stooge. this isn’t a reflection of how he TREATS people, much less children, they’re only renderings. a gruesome theme, yeah, but an artistic medium so lighten up because you’re coming off simple and self-righteous

  • HellHathNoFury

    Well, at least we all know what class of person you are, to defending him and call me self-righteous.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I don’t watch horror films. The only kind of people that like to fill their heads with this crap are the same people that I won’t hang out with for fear of their living vicariously through horror films. Whe you’ve seen a few REAL crime-scenes, it’s no longer cool.

  • Anonymous

    And because you think it’s crap, it’s therefore invalid as artistic expression? How very fascist of you.

  • Jamie

    When you get a bit older, you’ll realise that your point of view isn’t the only one – and most of the times, there is no right one. The world is a gradient of greys – not blocks of black and white.

  • motou

    HellHathNoFury, just drop dead.

  • Lurker

    As a police officer who has seen a fair share of death I say that I like the ART that this person makes. And HellHathNoFury who are you or whom am I to udge anyones art? Oh and I am sure the avatar goes over real well with the kiddies but in no way should it be a prop to use in order to decide what is art and what is not.

  • Don of the Dead

    I love the self righteous bible thumpers like HellHathNoFury. Because we like scary movies were “messed up” or “evil”. Yet once a year the celebrate the birthday of a ZOMBIE who promises everlasting life if you’ll just eat his flesh and drink his blood.

    And HHNF? I’m guarantee there are a MILLION more people who have killed and maimed and raped “living vicariously” through a book about an invisible man in the sky than there have who have watched Friday the 13th.

  • Anonymous

    how many real crimes have you seen? like stop acting like you know all seen all because you dont/havnt

  • Equalizer

    Leave HellHathNoFury alone…

  • Anonymous

    Internet white knights are the best. Especially ones with no imagination. Hey, maybe you’ll get lucky right?

  • Nate_karr

    if you read these artists blog and shit, these are all actors with make up. he uses a little photoshop touch ups on color and what not. some cool shit here…

  • Lantern

    I think it’s awesome too, if a bunch creepy! People need to lighten up. Sure, it won’t appeal to everyone, but it is an interesting and unusual medium.

  • Equalizer

    You tell ’em me!

  • me

    You’re making reference to the “Leave Britney alone!!!!” kid, right? Hilarious!

  • me

    I have to agree with tiktok here. To assume that this artist is “demented” due to his photographs is like saying Sylvester Stallone is a serial killer because you’ve seen him kill a bunch of people in his movies.

  • blueberryvoodoo

    i also agree with tiktok, HHNF, and what had been said below (excluding abrasiveness, but some very valid points made). i too don’t like most horror movies or splatter porn shit like that, but i don’t think that this theme means the photographer is a monster. it DOES seem simple that that’s how you’d look at things, and that you’d put people in “classes”? they’re right, you have a lot of growing up to do. your “self-righteousness” has really muddied your potential as a person taken seriously when she expresses herself, a malignant ego fueled by a suffocated psyche. hell, i wouldn’t be surprised were you the most screwed up person here….

  • outom

    show a little more respect. you have no right to an opinion if you won’t tolerate someone else’s

  • motou

    Fuck you too then, outom!

  • Anonymous

    fuck you pig

  • Anonymous

    as a person who is not a police officer let me just say fuck you pig

  • blueberryvoodoo

    too true, doo!!

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