Children's nightmares by Joshua Hoffine (15 Photos)

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fear hoffine lead Children's nightmares by Joshua Hoffine (15 Photos)

Joshua Hoffine has become America’s premiere horror photographer. Using elaborate sets and precise lighting angles, Josh easily prods our innermost fears. Check out his most recent work here.

All photos via news AU

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  • Psara

    Everyone knows monsters can’t get you when you’re on your bed.

  • Test |

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  • ken

    Nightmares and feelings of horror and terror are universal human experiences and are, therefore, a totally legitimate subject for art.

    Those creating or patronizing art in the horror genre are no more demented that those who choose to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park or go skydiving. Being thrilled or scared in a safe environment is of far wider appeal than psychological pathology.

    Not liking it is one thing. Saying there is something wrong with people who do is something else.

    Thumbs up to these renderings.

  • erwrwqeq

    Pure fucking Genius. Hope to have Joshua Hoffine do my Cd Cover Art someday.

  • Nick

    this scared the shit out of me…im 21

  • Nick

    scared the piss out of me…

  • Dom

    I don’t care about any of the above comments, this guys work is fucking fantastic!

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