Real Russian mail order brides make me want to add to cart (16 Photos)

russian bride photos Real Russian mail order brides make me want to add to cart (16 Photos)

This is pretty wild stuff here. The site is hotrussianbrides [dot] com and houses the hottest young Russian and Ukranian women looking for husbands. Nope, this is not a joke. If you have the money, you can place an order.

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  • amg77

    I actually used this site awhile back. At first I thought it was scam, but they actually have live video chat and stuff so you can see that the girl you’re talking to matches the photos.

  • Karl

    i checked this out, this is just a dating website. nobody’s being “sold” here, hahaha.

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  • Jordo

    The chick all the way at the top is proff that there is a god!

  • أبوتيم

    خليك رلاكس

  • Lolsaurus Rex

    If this is real, I’m Michael Jackson and I’m still alive, and black to boot. These sites are nothing but scams.

  • Anonymous

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  • Tracy

    They are Ukrainian order brides, not Russian brides

  • Alain

    Just goggled in there and saw your web site there .according to me these Russian girls are really nice to have a date with them .So everyone should look at least once towards once.

  • Alfred

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  • Carol

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  • Carol

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  • Wilson

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  • Aineias

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  • Malissa

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  • JAB

    I'm on it…I got $100, a plane ticket to Moscow and name the disco…I'm there…

  • arbaitensuka

    Ebi Arbaitena v anal!!!

  • Iren Staller

  • Ruperto Gutierrez

    Over Night Shipping Please LOL

  • Anonymous

    It is yucky. Come at any time if there is a complaint. Ha Ha Ha!

  • bill

    nope not today.need made in the usa

  • LOL

    Nate, please go look at the morning randomness gallery with the crossed swords. I’m not russian, or looking to be a bride, my husband would be pissed LOL but I would like to thank you!

    This gallery has some pretty girls but they’re trying too hard to me. Then again, considering they are in Russia, and want to come to the U.S., I’d be trying hard too!

    The girl in the bookstore, holy crap she’s smoking.

    My guess is $30K each.

  • Nv_Me


  • Bill the welder

    They’re smarter than you think and most end up divorcing after a year or so and take the poor schlub for as much as they can get. One thing that stands out about these girls though is the perfect teeth which most Ukrainian people are not known for and the quality of the clothes and the resort like settings including the one posing in what looks to be Barcelona or further south so chances are that the pics are not of the actual brides or they have been married at least a few times already to men outside of the country.

  • Nv_Me


  • Equalizer

    You know Bill, your just like my guardian angel. Always giving me additional info that I need to know… Keep sticking on me dude…

  • Uh huh...

    Actually Bob, the divorce rates for standard American marriages are much higher than marriages that involved a foreign bride – 80% are still married several years later (US Citizenship and Immigration statistics) compared to less than 60% for most American marriages.

  • Lantern


  • wrg

    they sure as hell dont want to go to your bullshit country

  • Uh huh...

    Well Robin…maybe the reason most Americans figure that some foreigners want to come here is this – the whole freakin’ country is made up of foreigners! (if you don’t count the Native Americans) In some countries, you actually have to risk your life and escape to get out. In the U.S. you have to do your best if you want to get in! In fact, there is actually a lottery for foreigners to win a Greed card to come here! (It’s called the Green Card Lottery and 55,000 cards are issued each year)

    I’m not sure what your rambling about the national debt has to do with someone trying to find their mate.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Guess it’s time for me to go to Ukraine and find me a wife…or go site seeing.

  • Anonymous

    Let me just say that I’m a member of and have traveled to Ukraine and Russia to meet these girls so they are real. And they are not mail order, you cannot purchase them, it’s just online dating.

  • Anonymous

    I joined this site. It’s free to become a member. The girls are not actually for sale, it is just a way to meet them.

  • Bill the welder

    Sorry but that is a big fantasy, reality is that hot chicks are high maintenance and the upfront cost aint cheap either. Having been down the road of hot chicks and a ” Oh my god the heavens have granted me a truely smokin hot chick ” I’ll take a normal girl any day because not only are they not high maintenance but they also treat you better.

  • HellHathNoFury

    *looks at self* Hold on, so am I normal..or what?

  • candyman

    go to the site itself. ti has all the info. i love hrb!

  • candyman

    we americans are so hung up on religion as an acid test of worthiness. that old madonna-whore bullshit. europeans are so far ahead of us that way. open up your mind, dude!

  • James

    I’m not trying to insult any1 or anything im just saying they should put none or something else, not lie =P

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