Tricky tricky photography (20 photos)

a perfect angle trick photography 7 Tricky tricky photography (20 photos)

  • camel joe

    the hands dipping fhm one gave me boner. and the pig head one made me go off.

  • Nate_karr

    the cross sabers in the first pic really aren’t that cool. we stop there everytime we take a visiting general or some other upper brass out the wire…

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  • Digitsis

    the fingers and the contrails is cool. Not sure just what the trick is with the last one though…

  • Equalizer

    1st picture is very nice until you see their background shadow.

  • Anonymous

    Pic three…’Oi fuck off ya nosey bitch!’

  • Bill the welder

    The last two aren’t trick photo’s, the second to last is someone carrying a mirror presenting an optical illusion, the last one of the pool is as another poster postulated as a plexiglass sheet with a few inches of water over it and the pool section below painted a shade of sea blue. Visitors can walk in and look up while others can look down and it presents a cool image. I think this was either covered here a few months back or on another site similar to chive.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to send a care package, send it to an Infantry unit somewhere. I can guarantee that they are sucking more than some pogue that has to chauffeur generals around.

  • boneman

    the pool trick isn’t really as effective as a photo, but, when you’re there, it seems like they are underwater, and when you’re downstairs, it seems like someone is looking down at you while you’re IN the water.

    Course, you don’t HAVE to believe me.
    For example, I thought that the third picture needed the words, “can you hear me now?” on there somewhere.
    As for Lenin walking on the car, it sure beats a billboard nike ball, eh?



  • Anonymous

    grt.. loved it

  • LOL

    The pool probably has a glass covering. And people can walk underneath through a door or something in one of the sides. I agree. It’s kind of stupid.

  • LOL

    Nate, please forgive me for being forward here. Could you please do a craigslist search for the country of Uruguay, and then look under the for sale section, musical instruments? I am not in Uruguay, I just chose a CL area that had ZERO other ad’s so people are less likely to report me for putting something on CL that isn’t in the right spot.

    I am an American woman…my ex was in the Army and has been under those same swords. I LOVE thanking those who are in the Armed Forces. I would LOVE to send you or some of your friends a care package. I already send several a month, but I’d love to add another. THANK YOU!


  • LOL

    I haven’t seen it on thechive and I’ve been here since…um Leo, John, when did y’all start? I remember back to December of last year for sure. Bill, what is this other site you’ve been looking at? I love these kinds of pictures. 🙂

  • LOL

    Anonymous, I already do send several packages a month to those in the infantry. Also some who live ON BASE in Ft. Sill, Ft. Leonardwood, and Ft. Riley. It’s something small that I do to thank them. It’s stuff like elk or deer jerky, hand knit socks, small craft items. Things like that. As for people “sucking more than some pogue that has to chauffeur”, here is what I know. They are still putting their asses on the line, every day, just so they can do a job, and protect my freedom.

    Also, what Nate said hit home with me, because I have pictures of my ex-husband under those same swords. He was shot at by a sniper right there. It was years ago, but that spot is still special to me because the man I loved, the father of my children, damn near died right there. So even though Nate views the spot as an aggrivation, it is sacred to me.

    I want to thank him for doing his job, and protecting my freedom. Simple. 😉

  • Bill the welder

    Most are indirectly linked through the daily hot links posted here such as which a fair share of the pics here can be found there. Another that is more strictly Russian related is englishrussia while one that I used to go to till the site admin or one of his boyfriends got their hello kitty panties up in knots after I kept pushing them about fixing a log in issue with a daughter site they were running and they decided to ban me is Despite the pansy ass who can’t handle my once a day ” I wonder how much longer its going to be before the login bug is fixed on ” he site is all about Japan and some of his pics have ended up here such as the dancing storm trooper which is himself and the big busted asian chick in a bikini holding the hand of a prepuberty boy in a supermarket that was up here about a month ago.

    I don’t have a problem with the chive reposting pics because it gets the word around better that way and can make someone or something famous and most of the time the sites that the chive get pics from got them from somewhere else.

  • Bill the welder

    Good points, mortars have landed deep in the green zones and suicide bombers have made it in to places thought to be safe so really anyone is in danger at all times while on the ground or in the air over Iraq and Afghanistan regardless of whether they are disarming road side bombs or fixing a busted transmission on a 6 by.

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