Olivia Wilde: hotter as a blond or brunette? (25 photos)

a olivia wilde blond 101 Olivia Wilde: hotter as a blond or brunette? (25 photos)

  • JDR

    Does it really matter? If her hair was purple, same hotness

    • God

      If she were Hugh Laurie, she’d still be hot.

      I know what I said.

  • jojo


  • zellmerfudd

    She looks more cute and innocent as a blonde, but definitely more sexy as a brunette. Either way she’s smokin!!

  • Anonymous

    Blonde, Burnette, shit throw some purple in there and she’s still smokin’

  • Equalizer

    Yah… we’re not picky…

  • Sassy

    Brunette! She’s the best thing that could’ve happened to House

  • ChrisDG74

    Who flippin’ cares?! She could be bald and she’d still be hot.

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  • CDC

    Brunette! She’s brunette in the new movie Fix that she is in, and she is fire!

  • Ruben


  • KP

    Dark hair da BEST!!

  • wut


  • doug

    Holy shit… Cc..cant decide (Head explodes)

  • trixy


  • Anonymous

    Hot as hell.

  • Ekwulysur

    Blonde NEVER beats brunette.

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  • Anonymous

    Ridiculously beautiful.


    +1 definitely brunette

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Brunette definitely. It brings out her beautiful eyes. Pic #3 is my favorite.

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  • Score

    Brunette, hands down. Or on. Whatever.

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  • Anonymous


  • blah

    I don’t know about blonde or brunette, but her hair curly makes her look UGLY!

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