Olivia Wilde: hotter as a blond or brunette? (25 photos)

a olivia wilde blond 101 Olivia Wilde: hotter as a blond or brunette? (25 photos)

  • Psara

    Brunette, no contest.

  • Dez!

    Brunette looks heaps better.

    But I agree with others she is hot either way!!


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  • Sephrenia

    Blah, I think the curly hair pics were the best. It makes her look natural. Either way, she’s frickin’ gorgeous.

  • D

    Neither…..don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely put it inside, but she’s not that hot.

  • underground

    Blondes suck

  • sr

    Brunette hands down

  • Anonymous

    Deffinatly hot either way. dun matter

  • Tones


  • Joe Clyde

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks she is overrated?

  • nogalito

    Yup agree hot either way but definitely hotter as a brunette

  • Ranger Danger

    Brunette no contest.

  • Anonymous

    way hotter and sexer as a blonde

  • http://bachito.weebly.com/ Bachi

    she s way hotter as a brunette.

    PS: I dunno why they keep on putting make up to women, they are hot naturally, in fact make up makes them look kinda disgusting

  • da troof

    Every single woman on the planet looks better as a brunette. All of them.

  • N2146x

    Oh Yeah! She does have hair! I never noticed that before……

  • Zenthor109

    I would drag my salt covered dick through miles of broken glass just to hear Olivia Wilde fart through a walkie-talkie.

  • D3AN

    Sexier hair color? Irrelevant…

  • AndreLei


  • azs

    and…. boner

  • Vee


  • sam

    brunette, no question

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.a.joel Ryan Joel


  • Jefffro

    I hate you, Jason Sedaris! You Lucky Son of a Bitch!!!

  • Razakaa

    i like Cierra Wilde better.

  • Anonymous

    definitely brunette

  • Anonymous


  • Nick

    my thoughts exactly, smoking hot either way

  • bp

    Absolutely correct!

  • xEL1T3x

    Cierra Wilde??

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