I love the smell of irony in the morning (20 photos)

ironic funny 14 I love the smell of irony in the morning (20 photos)

  • brap

    y’all should look up the definition of irony, cause most of these ain’t it

    • b.o.l


  • Equalizer

    Much better

  • HellHathNoFury


    • Pshhh.


  • ironic?

    nice try, did alanis help you with these?

  • bigdaddy

    nice beaver

  • the.monorail

    this is funny but number 3,4,5,67,8,9,10,12, and 15 are coincidence, which although funny, is in fact the opposite of irony.

  • Anonymous

    I generally saw a stupid muslim extremist type (Like those in the last picture) holding a sign that read ‘Behead those who say Islam is violent’

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  • Devlin

    about 2 of these are ironic

  • Anonymous

    People get so touchy over the definition of Irony. Just shut up and laugh at the photos. If you wanted an intelligent conversation you wouldn't be on the internet.

    • Pshhh.

      First true thing i've heard in a long time.

    • greedy

      Amen to that!!

  • Signe

    That’s a hamster, but still adorable as hell

  • Joe K

    Is calling someone who bitches about the definition of irony a douchebag ironic?

  • Jorgenshpier

    I know this debate’s already going on, but yes, I’ll throw into this – most of this shit isn’t ironic, just funny because of contrasts. You expect fat people, and stupid shit. Especially the dog one – yeah, it’s totally funny, but you expect a bad dog to chew shit up. Not ironic. If you get pissed off at people smarter than you raining on your parade, go ahead and cry if you want, but you’re a retard.

  • Da Cuntstabber

    Great answer!

  • http://www.voiceonvoices.co.uk Pyp

    I must also say that the picture with computer mouse has a hamster on it.
    Previously owning one of those hamsters and now owning five mice, I know the difference between the two.

  • bababloulou

    haha, some of them are actually a little funny;)

  • bababloulou

    well, i dnt see any hamster on the mouse wich had a mouse on it(that sounded kinda weird)o.0

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