Truly useful advertising (11 photos)

a useful advertising flood raft91 Truly useful advertising (11 photos)

  • Equalizer

    I hope they’re not charging for the ride.

  • HellHathNoFury

    EPIC. WIN.

  • KMERRITTBLOG | kimbo 24/7

    […] advertising isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it can even save lives! These billboards made their debut in Mumbai right before a major flood. They just so happened to feature […]

  • Kraysee mang

    I wonder if they returned it to the billboard.

  • Frederick

    Whoa. Wait a sec. I absolutely won’t get on board with the idea that woknirg from photos is somehow superior to the alternatives. Or that artists who refuse to use photo refs have a distasteful motive for refusal.Working from life is a thousand times more enlightening…for all sorts of reasons too complicated to cram into a Blogger comment. Working from photos is an aid that too easily can become a crutch…if not a crippling weakness. I do it…but I do it very, very carefully.

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