Birds will eat anything *Graphic* (6 photos)

a birds eat trash 4 Birds will eat anything *Graphic* (6 photos)

I’m not gonna lie, I throw the occasional bottle cap and gun wrapper out the car window, but after seeing these pics, I’m definitely gonna stop. Birds are dumb.

  • Equalizer

    COD: “Severe stomach pain causing uncomfortable indigestion…”


  • Luscious

    Pretty sure these r just pics of dead birds and ppl put stuff in the dead bodies….no way they eat that much

  • Jellybean

    Yeah, birds are dumb right?

    Except they’re not supposed to fucking assume that there’s a bunch of disgusting monkey people littering they’re environment and avoid everything that looks like food to them.

  • eROKv

    some “artist”put these together to make a point about plastic waste in the environment I bet. don’t get your panties in a bunch cuz they arent real, right? in reality, it would only take 2-3 plastic bottle caps to kill a bird lol.

  • Jordo

    Hey! There is my yo-yo! I wondered were that went to.

  • dude

    The original gallery author stated these pics were not altered in any way.
    These are pics of young seagulls who are fed everything what looks like food to their parents and often die before reaching adolescence.

    These pics ARE NOT FAKE, they ARE REAL!

  • Nv_Me

    I think I see CRACK VILES in their Bellies ! LOL

  • Bill the welder

    Seagulls eat anything and I mean anything. Living in a beach community I’ve seen them eat cigarette butts, bottle caps, pen caps, rocks, bits of plastic wrappers, and pieces of kids toys to name a few things and all of this is trash found around the beach front.

  • magentapyramid

    Everything in sight
    Gulls eat their fill
    A word to the wise –
    Don’t stand still.

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  • alanco

    these are real btw

  • s3xt0y

    theres my lighter!

  • donuteyes

    birds are fucking gross. they’re just flying disease vectors. fuck their avian asses.

  • robin yates

    sadly these birds died because of cretins like “Donuteyes”

  • none

    weird. the bottletops still look useable. Still have good colour too.

  • nick

    wot a bunch of spastics.

  • DeanOfTheDead

    ‘I throw the occasional bottle cap and gun wrapper out the car window,’

    Jesus, how often do you buy guns?

  • ken

    Yeah, the human race is down to a paltry 12 Billion thanks to all those terrible diseases birds carry. I looked at a bird once and got Leprosy!…..

    …I got better….

  • cherry

    Those are albatrosses. They eat food that floats on the surface of the water, and unfortunately in the part of the world they inhabit, 90% of what floats is plastic. It’s called the Pacific Trash Vortex. Unfortunately they haven’t learned that there are inedible things in the ocean, and they’re likely going to become extinct because of it.

  • Mike


    Not like we grind them up in machines and mush the muscle together and deep fry them in beef fat and let our children eat them or anything.

  • Tones

    Poor animals!!!—-Fucking humans!!!….

    • deadmode

      Poor humans!!! —- Fucking animals!!!

  • deadmode

    hey now you know why there dead! haha

  • John

    These photos are probably real…I think they’re all pics of gulls, and gulls will eat practically anything.

  • Nv_Me


  • Mr. Quackers

    Adapt bitches. If they start noticing that litter is killing their friends, stop eating litter. Like a mouse that understand if he eats the cupcake it shocks him, he stops eating the damn cupcake. Birds should learn, stupid birds.

  • Nv_Me

    “What’s your Vector, Victor?”

  • blueberryvoodoo

    that’s ridiculous, they don’t learn by contagion theory that the plastic bits are what lead to their deaths, perhaps even adversely only that they’re ingestible in the first place because others do it. do people even read what they type any longer?

  • Ekwulysur

    …that’s because 1. they swallow them whole and 2. plastics aren’t painted, they come out of the mold already colored. so it’s not like stomach acid can just eat away the coloring.

  • Anonymous

    gulls swallow hard things because it helps break down food in there stomach and throat they mostly use rocks but im guessing anything hard is a rock to them look it up

  • Anonymous

    gulls espcially seagulls swallow rocks to breakdown there food in there throat either all these things the bird prolly mistaked for stones or just couldnt be broke down by grinding stones(birds have no teeth so most of them have to break down there food other ways before they swallow it)

  • donuteyes

    good. fuck birds. if i could feed your bleeding-hearted, whiny ass some garbage also, i would.

    welcome to the internet, where earnest statements are met with ridicule…

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