I miss summer (20 photos)

a bikini girls 18 I miss summer (20 photos)

  • Equalizer

    “I Love You too picture#10…”

  • sticks

    #6 with the wet brown hair is the hottest.

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  • doyoulikethisgig

    Damnit, I miss Summer too.

  • LOL

    Leo. I do believe it is your duty to take all regular chivers to these places so we can see if they are still warm like that. We’ll call it a Chivcation. 🙂 I’ll put in my time request slip now. Say…mid-December? 🙂 Have bikini will travel….lol! 😀

  • StudleyPendejos

    Definitely #5 in the pink bikini…

  • ozzie

    I speak spanish….boobookitty means you’re a stupid fuck for sayin that

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  • http://andrilubis57,yhoocm Anonymous


  • idiot

    its actually “te amo” that girl is retarded and you, equalizer, are retarded by imagined association

  • boobookitty

    Actually, equalizer in douchebaggery means douchbag

  • Lucha Libre

    Actually “te amo” means “I Love You”.

    FYI: Spanish speaking people are not retarted. “Idiot” people who doesn’t know Spanish should shut up.

  • johnny

    no…it’s “ti amo”. “ti amo” is italian for “i love you”

  • lcm

    “ti amo” is actually italian for “I LOVE YOU”

    Yes it is very similar to the spanish “TE amo”

  • Anonymous

    Actually, boobookitty in Spanish is “STUPID KITTY”.

    I’m not making this up, ask anyone who speaks Spanish.

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