Russian thugs continue to make me proud of American thugs (25 Photos)

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russian thugs lead Russian thugs continue to make me proud of American thugs (25 Photos)

Lately I’ve been exploring some pretty weird Russian websites to cure my boredom. I found one recently called Jarhead which documents some of today’s Russian gangster youth. Momma would be proud of these idiots. From what I can gather they exist as sort of a Russian mafioso-in-training waiting to be called up to the big leagues. – More like gangsters on training wheels.

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  • Ohsweetjesus

    Let’s all take a moment to notice ALL OF THE AMERICAN MERCHANDISE IN THESE PHOTOS. Seriously. There’s a kid with an LA hat, another kid with a New York shirt, and another with Rhiana posters on his wall.

    But my favorite thing has to be the picture of the guys and girls with the knives, partly because two of them look like they’re eight, and the other part that he’s wearing a pink polo.

  • Me

    I’ve known quite a few Russians. They might dress like goofy bastards but so do the morons over here. Laugh in their face and watch what happens. Most of them have been raised in an environment you can’t even grasp. People who think they’re from “Da hood” in America lived a spoiled life compared to many of these people. They’ve been murdered by their leaders in the millions. Violence and death and brutality is a way of life for them. I’m not saying they’re especially smart but I do know they’ll gut you in a heartbeat and love every second of it. By the way a huge majority of the women are gorgeous. Not just pretty but beautiful enough to take your breath away. And if you treat them like a princess they’re unbelievable.


    this kids are not russian and they are not thugs! they are from ukraine!!! thugs in Russia do not really listen to american hip-hop and do not dress like ones. This kids just pretend to be badass, real thugs in Russia do not dress like clowns.

  • Gin

    You stupid idiot, that site make fun of wannabe gangsta. Now go to suck some African-American cock, you stupid white trash.

  • Underhill

    Does this help explain the falling birth rate in Russia?

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