Russian thugs continue to make me proud of American thugs (25 Photos)

russian thugs lead Russian thugs continue to make me proud of American thugs (25 Photos)

Lately I’ve been exploring some pretty weird Russian websites to cure my boredom. I found one recently called Jarhead which documents some of today’s Russian gangster youth. Momma would be proud of these idiots. From what I can gather they exist as sort of a Russian mafioso-in-training waiting to be called up to the big leagues. – More like gangsters on training wheels.

  • Anon

    last image = ROFLZ

  • StudleyPendejos


  • doyoulikethisgig

    Russian or American – I would just put a bullet in these little cocksuckers.

  • arthur

    i think Russia should start thinking about bringing back communism

  • db3300

    Holy crap! Look at the schnoz in that last pic.

  • Anonymous

    bottom pic, far right- scope that nose

  • robin yates

    at least Russian thugs do not have giant bellies and a look of the loser about them,,,,,,,,,,

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  • d-dawg

    how do you know they’re even russian, look like white yankee thugs to me…

  • SreyaNotfilc

    They sure love their shoes!

  • artem

    The problem with the Russian gangster’s is that are barely any black people living in Russia.

    All they have to base there gangster vision is whatever media came out during there younger years. I imagine the youth was shapped by Vanilla Ice judging by the pic’s.

    • Flicka

      Russians: International pimping since 1918. Just not these guys.

  • Anonymous

    these people are scum like the kid with the gun if he didnt have that id hand him his teeth in a paper bag

  • Nv_Me

    T O O L S

  • random

    any reason why there are two of the same pic. . .

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  • dumdum

    the future will be all posing with your lower lip out all the time….forever.

  • Anonymous

    Check out the schneeb on the dude at the end. They all look like Andrey Arshavin of Arsenal.

  • Heidi

    o.o; I have no idea what to think..?

  • Dru

    The thought of them trying to be gangsta is scary because theyre already so dangerous over there.

  • JiveyJoe

    Awwwww, kids w/ baggy clothes, fake guns and kitchen knives.. Oh, for CUTE! 😀 😀 😀

  • talullah

    Just imagine, about 70+ years ago, darling monkeys just like those were in world war, dying fighting, etc. people as a whole have gotten soft. the human race is dying.

  • geil

    That was ultra lame.

  • okkk

    how is this any different from american young ganstas? mainly the ghetto black communities?
    damn rap music. turning kids into retards.

  • Kraysee mang

    This goes to show you how great America is. Not only does it export hate, but despair too!

  • wat

    American thugs aren’t different at all if not worse.
    what’s up with these americans that wear socks all the way up to their knees?

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