Russian thugs continue to make me proud of American thugs (25 Photos)

russian thugs lead Russian thugs continue to make me proud of American thugs (25 Photos)

Lately I’ve been exploring some pretty weird Russian websites to cure my boredom. I found one recently called Jarhead which documents some of today’s Russian gangster youth. Momma would be proud of these idiots. From what I can gather they exist as sort of a Russian mafioso-in-training waiting to be called up to the big leagues. – More like gangsters on training wheels.

  • Ohsweetjesus

    Let’s all take a moment to notice ALL OF THE AMERICAN MERCHANDISE IN THESE PHOTOS. Seriously. There’s a kid with an LA hat, another kid with a New York shirt, and another with Rhiana posters on his wall.

    But my favorite thing has to be the picture of the guys and girls with the knives, partly because two of them look like they’re eight, and the other part that he’s wearing a pink polo.

  • Me

    I’ve known quite a few Russians. They might dress like goofy bastards but so do the morons over here. Laugh in their face and watch what happens. Most of them have been raised in an environment you can’t even grasp. People who think they’re from “Da hood” in America lived a spoiled life compared to many of these people. They’ve been murdered by their leaders in the millions. Violence and death and brutality is a way of life for them. I’m not saying they’re especially smart but I do know they’ll gut you in a heartbeat and love every second of it. By the way a huge majority of the women are gorgeous. Not just pretty but beautiful enough to take your breath away. And if you treat them like a princess they’re unbelievable.


    this kids are not russian and they are not thugs! they are from ukraine!!! thugs in Russia do not really listen to american hip-hop and do not dress like ones. This kids just pretend to be badass, real thugs in Russia do not dress like clowns.

  • Gin

    You stupid idiot, that site make fun of wannabe gangsta. Now go to suck some African-American cock, you stupid white trash.

  • Underhill

    Does this help explain the falling birth rate in Russia?

  • random

    No, Tools are useful

  • One Sick Puppy!

    Uhmmmm…..”that look of loser about them”??? Are you serious?!?!? I don’t think I have ever seen a collection of bigger losers than this one. Bunch of little punk-ass, gangsta wannabes. Makes me wonder just how much inbreeding is going on over there in Russia.

  • AR303

    Do not fuck with the Russians, they are hard bastards and will fuck you up.
    Just wait until they reach the US. We have them now in England and shit has changed!

  • Sol808

    Anyone who has been to Russia will tell you. Yeah they may look like douche bags. But will kill you quicker than hell

  • don

    i have faith in my country’s bloods and latin kings.

  • doyoulikethisgig

    I have yet to see a “hard bastard” stop a bullet.

  • Anonymous

    In the USA we have these guys, except they are fat, very stupid, and smell. Mostly black/latino. Some wiggers, and gooks of course too.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree anymore. People are turning more and more into pussies, things were better back in the 50s.

    Now we have too many people who are not assertive enough, fat/lazy and find excuses for everything, but never solutions.

    Incidently, for fuck’s sakes can somebody man up and get those stupid illegals out of here regardless of what the retarded media might say about them.

  • omfjsush

    those are just mexicans

  • xsforeyes

    it’s their bag, dude

    maybe you like button down shirts or levi’s

    whatever turns you on

  • MSAd

    Ahhh! American “culture”. Thank you USA for this gift to the world. So pathetic it makes me want to vomit

  • SamLjackson

    What a gang of pansy white momma’s boys.
    I’m sure the strike fear into their enemies in the 4th grade.
    seriously guys, go back to playing xbox in your basement and leave the thuggin to actual thugs.

  • Joe


  • Anonymous

    Did you notice the rhinna posters anyone?

  • Anonymous

    yea I can’t spell her name it also seems to me that they are imitating Americans.

  • Anonymous

    If he such a badass gangsta he should be able to afford plastic surgery.I did a double take I seriously thought it was photo shopped

  • xsforeyes

    they’re ivans alright

    look at their facial structure and the backgrounds in the photos

    true enough the bastards will kill you for nothing more than kicks

    also—american thugs would never be caught dead in the clothes these kids are sporting


  • xsforeyes


    i’m sure that’s his car

  • D

    Agreed; these fags are retarded. A bunch of Russian white trash, dressing like they’re black Americans does not make them hardcore. A pathetic sight in a pathetic country indeed. Their parents must be so proud………

  • Andrijko

    It IS Photoshopped. The guy that looks like Michael Jackson on the left is up about 10 photos holding the same sneaker. It’s amazing that people think they have to dress like fools in order to be thought of as “hard”. I prefer looking nicely dressed and people not knowing my infantry, ranger, and martial art training. Guys like these fight in packs like wild dogs. Single one out though… Cry like a baby.

  • jayko

    Anyone of those people with their finger on the trigger, should be punched in the face for being so damn stupid. All the others around them should be beaten until they near a coma for not being the ones punching the morons in the face… American or not, DUMBASSES SHOULD KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A FIRE-ARM!

  • D

    Yea, it’s America’s fault these guys are fags………get real! Stop your self-loathing; it’s really pathetic.

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