Girls who wouldn't know moderation if it sat in their lap (20 photos)

a drunk girls 2 Girls who wouldn't know moderation if it sat in their lap (20 photos)

  • Equalizer

    Being drunk and naked is not funny, but it’s their fault anyway.

  • Poopoocachoo

    Date Rape waiting to happen.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow. Date rape and whatnot is no joke, but, as a female I have to say that if you’re old enough to lie to your parents about where you’ll be and with whom, you’re old enough to know that drinking with guys is NOT GOOD NEWS. I’m not condoning people’s bahavior, but if you get so drunk that you no longer have control of your thoughts and actions, guess what. You can’t expect a guy to have control of his actions especially if he’s the type that would let a girl get that drunk.

  • Anonymous

    youv never been drunk and naked then

  • Anonymous

    apparently you have never been drunk and naked

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  • Nv_Me

    Let me cut you a nice slice of ATTENTION!!

  • robert ball


  • s3xt0y

    lol, look at all the people arguing over some stupid girls getting drunk and passing out.

  • Anonymous

    “most guys use roofies”

    dude wtf are you talking about?

  • Roofies?

    Most guys use roofies? who are you hanging out with? I have heard of this happening before but never seen it so your fact that “Most” guys do this is very wrong…. Can you at least show where you got your facts from…a source please 🙂

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  • Dar

    … can and will never tell the whole story…theres good and bad…sure dudes are out there to take advantage of a women*and men,….* but it goes both ways.

    It's rather touching seeing a few of you getting bent outa shape and really making some outlandish claims…none of you would ever talk to another person like that in person.

    Btw i live in a collage town near campus..and the date rape thing might happend..once a year…and last time it was a guy nailin another guy.

    • oh4fuckssake


    • Errrr

      You're in "collage" huh? God help us all. Let me guess you're majoring in grammar so you can be a teacher?

  • D'oh

    Drunken pretty girls, proving once again why I hate alcohol.

  • ffs

    comments: tldr

    • Sara

      notsodomesticated August 24, 2011 I still need to perfect the repcie (not that it’s really a repcie). It was super tasty, but the tortilla got a little soggy on the bottom. I’m going to try another method tomorrow and I’ll keep ya posted haha!

  • plaidaInjelia

    He shrugged, stepping around her so he could sit to put on his boots. He looked so…vivid, almost more real than the other two men, or perhaps less real. You dont need help. He didnt look up. Fingers digging into his hips, she pushed herself away from him. Salin and Diana lay in a loose embrace, also watching. She looked to Eyrhaen as Hyle sat up, guarded hope in her eyes. She clung to him, wordless in the flood of emotion that took her. Hes loved you this entire time. He expected her to lash out with magic. I was beginning to wonder if youd lost your mind. I said a lot of things. Whimpering softly, she opened her mouth, but he went no further. She screamed, unconsciously tearing at his hair. Then he lowered her onto Brevins chest. Barefoot and topless, she felt more naked than she had in a long time. You must remember I grew up isolated. For the rest of the life Ive been given. I want this time to just be us.

  • Markkens

    the horror…the horror…

  • Frankie Muniz

    #4 is downright disturbing. Whoever took the picture is a real asshole. Why would they leave her there like that?

    Either way that is is fucked up shit. The rest with the drawlings and dildos is not as bad.

  • karo

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  • Renata

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  • Anonymous

    your such a stupid igorant bitch like ever think these girls drank with there boyfriends? and fuck iv been hammered outta my mind and had girls all over me but no thats not taking advantage or nothing because im guy it goes both ways you dumb bitch your such a ignorant stupid bitch like yeah i wouldnt reccomend drinking like that around a rapeist but fuck most guys know the difference between fucking a girl and fucking a corpse leave sexist ignorant commments at home your prolly just mad because no guy would ever take advantage of you

  • Anonymous

    fucken dyke i

  • Anonymous

    wouldnt drink around you

  • Bill the welder

    Dude your so full of shit your eyes are brown, yes most guys know the difference between a live woman and a corpse ( not sure where you got the idea that was being discussed, guess its one of your fetishes ) but then again most guys use roofies or purposefully get a girl that drunk wouldn’t care either way what they stick their dick in. I don’t know, maybe you’ve never been out to a bar or night club or have been online much but spend some time looking around the web and you’ll see a ton of phone pics of guys working girls with alcohol hard and fast. Live in a college town and you’ll read about it enough in the newspaper and if you go out you’ll see it at the bars around campus and at the house parties.

    Now as far as your pathetic pinky dick attitude towards HHNF you pretty much prove that your nothing but a douche bag asshole and that your lying your ass off when you say you’ve been hammered and had girls hanging all over you though they were all probably last call girls and thats nothing to brag about now go drink some drano.

  • modianos

    if youre going to call someone dumb you might want to use spellcheck. also, look up the word homophones.

  • bigbag2218

    u go anon

  • db3300

    Something tells me that ‘Anonymous’ doesn’t have quite as many girls hanging on him as he would like to think. Any girl that would go out of her way to even talk to you obviously doesn’t have any respect for herself. Either that or you’re just some idiot who hides behind the web and wouldn’t have the sack to even raise his voice to someone in person. I’d bet my paycheck that Fury could take you out with one punch. Go f*** yourself.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Actually, I’m thrilled that no guy would ever take advantage of me, and that no guy ever will. Yes, I must be a totally ignorant, sexist bitch because both of my sisters have done this, most females I know have done this, and every singleone that has, has woken up not knowing what happened. Hm, are they sore because they fell on thier ass or because some guy butt humped them? No, I’ve never been drunk to the point of stupidity. Not once. If I start talking too much, I stop drinking, because that means I’m getting out of control. I work in a naval shipyard with 27,000 men in it, and I’ve heard every raunchy story you can hear, and any woman worth her air won’t become one, and they’d love to make me one of them.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, and Anon, the girls with fat rolls hanging over their belts and welfare checks and crazy ex-husbands don’t really count as pulling any decent tail. I’m sorry that there is a class of females liek that, but you can have them.

  • Nv_Me

    “I like Turtles”

  • HellHathNoFury

    Finally, a real man!

  • Anonymous

    okay, the bit about not drinking about guys is fucking retarded, just because some are douche bags doesn’t mean all are, anytime i see a guy trying to go to far with a chick who’s had to much, i step in, but i have to do this on VERY rare occasions, because most guys aren’t like that… most the ones so ugly and awkward they can’t get a girl are, but even so, not all, i’ve only had a few girlfriends but don’t see me date-raping

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