New Evangeline Lilly photo shoot (10 photos)

a evangeline lilly photoshoot 0 New Evangeline Lilly photo shoot (10 photos)

Jesus tap-dancing Christ. So hot.

  • Equalizer

    Yap, she’s hot alright…

  • Paul

    MMMMMMM…Freckles is so fine!

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  • megan

    ha she has the same expression in every photo. but as far as i’m concerned she is the most beautiful woman on earth. i have a lil crush on her i do believe

  • bigbag2218

    i fucking hate her character in lost but she is awesomely hot

  • db3300

    I prefer her on Lost when she’s all sweaty.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..’Man I love being a turtle!’…no wait, what?

  • Spewf

    God this girl is so fine.

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  • C

    Sorry, she’s like a smaller version of the much hotter Kare Beckinsale.

  • Jen P

    Wow I remember her from reviews on the run where she would model new video game tech
    (I love that show and miss tommy)
    and I’m happy that she was able to find a good high paying job (even if it already is in its final season)
    I’m a heterosexual chick and I still thinks she’s gorgeous
    and not to mention that she’s CANADIAN!!! woot woot

  • slacker


  • Matt

    I prefer Olivia Wilde

  • AtomManhattan

    That's ok, I'll take her, Olivia Wilde, and Kate Bekinsale.
    Why not all three?
    Seems less than manly to discount a single one of those women. Noobs.

  • red

    canada rules !

  • Ballardbitches

    Id be lost with her

  • Joe K

    Haha well played

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