Don't touch this super-yacht (20 photos)

a dont touch yacht 17 Don't touch this super yacht (20 photos)

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  • Nate_karr

    oh wow i just bought one exactly like that last week. but instead of 115 it’s the 114.

  • Anonymous

    id fucken live in that thing

  • HellHathNoFury

    Impressive, but why the white interior? it hurts my eyes! and so much harder to maintain. *ahem who would like to share my sour grapes?*

  • Jesper

    The pershing looks good but nothing beats Sunseeker!

  • One Sick Puppy!

    what a piece of crap

  • Nv_Me

    Don’t Touch……Fuck You……

  • Jim

    Every 6 seconds a child dies of starvation. Meanwhile, this douchebag lives life’s with all the excesses. Pitiful.

    Waste of money.

  • Vance

    Waste of money happens everytime we hand food over to those monkeys. Send them some birth control. Hey Jim, why not sell your computer and send the bastards some food?

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  • s3xt0y

    I could live there

  • Jim

    First, I never starving children were his fault. I was merely commenting on the over-the-top extravagant lifestyle the owner of this boat enjoys. I would call owning this boat gluttonous. It really sails in the face of injustice, where we live in a world that sees such exuberance while children starve to death.

    Second, are the monkeys you refer to the African children starving to death or the white one in Appalachia? Just so I don't leave your ignorant ass in the dirt, Appalachia is in America.

    Lastly, I not only strive to live a modest and humble life, I do in fact give generously in both money and time to many charities. I don't expect everyone to be self sacrificing, but I certainly do hope that people realize we are in this boat together and that spending money on such things as this boat, is a poor use for those resources. Make a difference for someone, and not just for yourself.

    • Nayla

      I’m not sure when the $263.07 was effective from? But it is clrleay misleading I’ve only been a member 2.774 days but I was > = bummed when I saw: When people visit your site, you will generate cash from the ads! It’s as simple as turning it on. We’re still working through some of the red tape and security to get this running but you will soon have a bank account and get $$ just for having people look at your photos! BTW, I love your suggestions!I hope they cut tape, start with something and then offer alternatives at some point. My stats thus far:Total Portfolio Views: 36Total Photos Served: 726

  • Poopoocachoo

    Well whoever owns this boat, must have the smallest penis on the planet! har har.

  • Jim

    I never said*

  • Chuck Tawobbly

    IM ON A BOAT!!

  • klrwlf

    who says the guys doesn’t donate millions a year to various charities? Even if it’s just for a tax right off, most rich people donate a ton of money to various causes.

  • Andy

    Jim u are gay

  • D

    Jim, go fuck yourself you elitist prick!

  • Jim

    Caring for the poor is not Elitist, owning a boat like this is. Get a fuckn’ education!

  • Vance

    Haha Jim’s taking an internet argment seriously! This is TheChive, no one cares. People that have the money deserve to flaunt it.

  • Aaron

    Lay off the boat owner…yeah some of the interior design is douche-y, but its his money and he can spend it how he pleases. If I owned that boat, I would modify it to run on baby seal tears and manatee fat, just to piss elitist hippy douches like Jim off.

    and jimmy, if you want to save Africa, Appalachia, etc…..send them the pill and condoms, not $$$ for food. The whole continent and the majority of charities that supply it are self serving and corrupt….much like the guy in the pictures but at least he has a rad boat.

  • Dean

    Expensive photo shoot thats about 5 grand in gas to get it up to speed

  • chacha

    ok dicks no more internet arguments this “asshole” prolly either is 85 and worked his whole life for it, or is 25 and his dad just passed and his dad worked his whole life for it, wweeellll either way your not going to look me in the eye and tell me that if you owned a boat like this you would sell it and donate the money to charity, to be honest i would sell my house and car, buy alot of marijuana and ecstasy, then grab my piece of shit 20 dollar radio(because it makes me happy) put my bob marley cd in it(because it makes me chill) and float my happy ass down to the carribean islands… niggaaass

  • Anonymous

    don’t you think that all the people this guy helped employ in the making of the boat and all that goes with it are happy he spent the money so they can feed their families, ignorant pricks.

  • Anonymous

    You are all stupid fucks for caring about this. Have a nice life, fuckers.

  • D

    Starvation; a tragedy, douchebag; maybe…….but I don’t see how starving children is his fault. I’m sure though that you give every cent you make to end world hunger, right?

  • camel joe

    It’s not the rich man’s fault that the world starves, asshole. He worked hard for this one I bet. It’s the same principle as the world continues to starve yet you don’t finish your meal, fat fuck.

  • D

    Someone who is apparently as educated as you, should at least know the correct placement of a hyphen on a given word….retard! I’m sure you were educated at some left-wing shit hole of a university; that’s your problem. INDOCTRINATION……….

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