The miracle of makeup…kinda (19 photos)

a girls makeup 6 The miracle of makeup...kinda (19 photos)

  • Phil

    3 were hot without the makeup

  • Equalizer

    From ID Picture to Facebook quality pictures

  • Nate_karr

    i agree with phil… especially the 2nd girl.

  • random dude

    Nothing brings out a womans beauty like a nice thick layer of make-up. Sheesh. I’ve seen mime’s that looked more natural. Over half of these women looked better before Vivid’s hair and make-up crew got a hold of them.

  • kirby

    looks like a bit of photoshop aswell?

  • Spamhead

    Lighting is as responsible as anything else in these pictures. The first set and the 5th from the last are good examples — everything is so washed out in the 2nd picture that they look like they don’t even have noses anymore.

  • mirou

    I found some nicer without make-up like 9 12 and 16

  • HellHathNoFury

    I didn’t know that makeup meant ‘albino vampire cakeface.’

  • Jordo

    2, and 14 are the only ones that arent flat out ugly. IMO

  • Jordo

    Deff not saying hot! And only looking at before pics

  • arielbarks

    hey, the six out of tens of the world need love too.

  • Carlos MV

    makeup really does magic

  • eedgan

    Some of these girls are prettier in thebefore pic IMO.

  • ken

    Count me in as one who is not fond of the made-up look. Women in make up look like, well, women in makeup, which I guess is fine. But it is sad that women get so accustomed to thinking that they look good in makeup that the loath themselves without it.

    I prefer the natural look and I think women are beautiful without that crap.

  • Simon Wells

    Some of these are guys right?

  • huh

    Well, at one time they were.

  • C

    Umm sexier clothes don’t hurt either.

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  • kirby

    6th from the bottom looks like they changed her skin colour for the make up shot

  • Pucca

    These women are beautiful, period. Though I think they all look better without the washed-out super-lighting ghost-white makeup look. They look too processed that way.

  • Anonymous

    the before is just what woman look like without make-up. plain and simple

  • hi

    Practically all of them look better WITHOUT the makeup (especially #2, like, seriously?! what the hell?!?) They all look like dolls in their after photos. Its kinda creepy.

  • ella

    Some women just look better without makeup…. 😐

  • Ramen Douchebag

    The last one with the blue shirt look like my friend, just he’s a boy. Anyway, I like the 1st, from smoke crack lady to some wanna fk chick 😛

  • LegionDairy

    this looks shopped, ive seen a few pixels in my day….lol

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