Douchebags and douchebaguettes are multiplying (45 photos)

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a douchebag 35 Douchebags and douchebaguettes are multiplying (45 photos)

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  • HandBannana

    Why do most of the male DB look like they are of Italian heritage?

  • kollic

    What I want to know is there like a queen douche bag that spawns these people or something? Most of the guys look EXACTLY the same; the pouty lips, the Guile like hair and the pastel dress shirts. I don’t get it.

  • edgar a

    who is your daddy?

  • Chris

    Is this the Staten Island, New Jersey, guido edition?

  • Matt

    Why the f*ck do these guidos keep cultivating this look? They *do* look at the photos after they’ve been taken, right? This is the worst trend to come around since transsexual emo or ghetto donk rims.

  • spermatronx

    dude was that colby o’donnis at 13?

  • manderr

    pathetic excuse for humans

  • Anonymous

    Wogs make me feel sick

  • jt

    what the hell is wrong with their hair? What do you call that?

  • CunningLinguist

    omg, when i saw the dude in the first pic, i laughed so hard, i couldnt even finish the rest of the pics, cause im at work, but when i did come back to it, i saw the guy coming out of the store with his bags, i was like its a douche with baggage, lol hahahah i laughed so fucking hard rofl

  • Rob

    in actual Italy these people don’t exist. Thank You 1900’s emigration.

  • jilljilapeno

    I feel like they should have maybe expanded outside of New Jersey… yes, there is much much douchyness going on there… but some douchy diversity would be nice! haha!

  • BK


  • Trevor

    New Jersey roughly translates to "Salty Douche Basin" …I wish we could start a fire in the largest hair gell factory in the state…let it spread uncontrollably… and shoot everyone with a spray tan that flees

  • Anonymous

    I feel the need to let you know that first picture is of former Pittsburgh Steeler kicker Jeff Reed. Which in my opinion, makes him even more doucheyer than before…

  • Archangel76

    I'm not sure hell is gonna be big enough to accommodate them all……….

  • Helena

    Posted on This is a good show and should be mardatony viewing for all. If you bother to read a few books and get your information and news outside of the mainstream media however, none of this would be new to you.

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