Greatest news headlines ever (20 Photos)

news fails funny Greatest news headlines ever (20 Photos)

Many of these gems from Probablybadnews. Check out their site for more!

  • Equalizer

    That Pizza Delivery is Funny

  • melvin


  • ken

    The Chive is usually amusing but this collection had me LOL!

  • chris

    I’d finger a billionaire depending on how much $ is at stake

  • Saxondale

    The White Ho!

  • anna

    my sides hurts

  • robert ball

    Can’t decide which I like best; Israel’s “secret” nukes, or Pizza Hut’s delivery drivers needed. Great stuff!

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  • @irik

    A great start on a (hopefully) great day!

  • Luke

    Haha I live in east sussex, i think i remember hearing about that when it actually happened, stupid bastard!

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  • jamen

    you heard it. they told us to drink and drive!!! personally, i always thought drinking before you drive was a better idea. you know, so you dont spill your drink. just sayin….

  • Anonymous

    hmm explains why all my fish have been dying

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