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  • bigbag2218


  • sticks

    the gun sign was epic. oh how i would love to live in a neighborhood full of anti-gun hippies. the pissing them off by cleaning my guns would be better than sex.

    • Anon

      What's funny- I never needed a gun to protect myself. Because I'm not a dickless pussy. Fag.

      • Go eff your ANON

        You've probably never defended yourself from anything. Swords? Your world of Warcraft doesn't count. Guns are awesome, you are not.

    • Claude M.

      no free pot for you

  • alarm1st

    i love guns. i just do

    • Anon

      Knives/swords are far more fun to use…and more intimidating. Guns are for girls.

  • Kaspar

    Guns are exactly what makes America a fucked up place.

    • Anon

      Of sourse. Give a bunch of idiots guns andwhat do you expect? If you can't defend yourself without a gun, you're a pathetic fuck who deserves to die. PERIOD.

  • IfYouSeeKay

    your mom is what makes america a fucked up place.

  • zup


  • walmartmafia


  • Stuart Pidass

    Can the guy with the pro-gun sign be any more of a douche? So the guy next door to him doesn't like guns…boo freakin' hoo! This is the kind of idiot that will go on and on about his constitutional rights yet forget that part of being an American is having the freedom to vote, think, believe, what you want. Get a freakin' life and stop worrying about what others think!

    I'm not an anti-gun hippie (I own two guns myself) but this guy is just a dick.

    • Anon

      Yeah, I'd set his house on fire. And laugh.

    • the credible hulk

      of course it may be that his neighbor is a loudmouth ass who is always lipping off about banning guns.

  • Nv_Me

    5th from the bottom……Don’t get it?

  • Equalizer

    Everybody uses Facebook…. LOL

  • StudleyPendejos

    Stuart Pidass needs to change his name to Stu Pidassole. Everyone does have a freedom of speech… that’s what the sign is about…. It’s trying to make a point to the gun control freaks who would rather be the governments “subjects” rather than citizens. Take away our guns… there goes America’s freedoms. I think everyone should have this sign up if their neighbor is for gun control. These people are rediculous, they would like the government to do everything for them, so damn lazy…. those people need a wakeup call.

  • Vance

    No, you needd a gun for when the creepy guy across the street decides to break into your house at night and deflower your 14 year-old daughter. But that doesn’t happen in your little world, does it?

  • StudleyPendejos

    Get your facts strait. You are probably from a socialistic country where the government makes your decisions for you. If you want a quick history lesson in gun control, look up the Soviet Union, Germany, and most recently Australia. What happened with SU and Germany?!!….Yea lets follow that path! Disarm citizens so they have no recourse. Australia saw a huge increase in violence…with guns… after gun control was issued. Citizens being armed is the best deterrent for crime. People who have guns for protection, hunting, etc aren't the ones out murdering people douche. Horable argument, you people scare me that incourage government control, you see it is the people that are supposed to control the government.

    • Aussie

      In the interest of getting one's facts straight. There was not 'a huge increase in violence…with guns' in Australia after the Buyback scheme in 1996. That's just not the case. In fact, there was no increase in gun-related crime at all; and only a modest decrease.
      There was a significant reduction in gun-related suicide, but that's about it.
      Just sayin'

  • void

    I hope the gun nuts get shot by their own wives when they sneak downstairs to get a midnight snack or have a gay love afair, seems popular with the right wing crowd.

    • Late to da partay

      Midnight snacks? As a matter of fact those are very popular with the right wing crowd, very popular.

  • jewell410

    I think the gun sign was pretty damn funny (we have 2 guns in our home as well)

  • StudleyPendejos


    Its called research… try it. You might learn something and decide which side of the fence you’re on. I gave you a lead… you can do the rest if you’re interested.

    Well said “D”

  • dumdum

    guns don’t kill people.

    gun nut loser douchebag attention seekers kill people.

  • boneman

    it appears the first picture is in the wrong place.
    The fellow with the sign should be on douchebags, yes?

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmm lard.

  • Jordo

    What a bounch of hill billy fags. The gov. doesnt give a dry fuck if you have guns. They just dont want you to have ones that shoot 300 rounds per min, and have a fuck’en granade launcher on it.

    Quit bitch’en and get drunk, slap your wife and kick the dog.

  • americans plz keep talking

    i wonder what the rate of gun related deaths in the US are, i mean since apparently its ‘safer’ for civilians to have easy access to firearms. haha but who cares about stats we should keep pretending they mean nothing to the individual, lets go assaniate some presidents.

  • D

    americans plz keep talking, please go and put a cock in your mouth; you have no idea what you’re talking about. This will be the only way opening your mouth would be useful to anyone. Thank you.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yay! Let’s turn this forum into a hateful, ignorant political rant! *passes out pitchforks*

  • LOL at D

    yer u win……………………ur argument is completely relevant and sane…………………..

  • Anivar

    Well, Chicago and DC have the strictest gun laws and the highest crime rates in the country. Google trend it I dare ya, so, I suppose you will have to keep on assassinating the character of others since you seem a little short on facts.

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