Daily Afternoon Randomness (24 Photos)

lead funny sign Daily Afternoon Randomness (24 Photos)

  • Pavlov's Dong

    I wanna dress up my capybara too! His name is George and he doesn’t bite. But sometimes he does.

  • Thisisme

    settle down gun toters. all his neighbor needs is a sign that says ‘MY NEIGHBOR IS ON VACATION FOR TWO WEEKS! YOUR WELCOM!’ problem solved.

  • zacka

    what does the bag mean??? i dont get it

    5th from the bottom

  • Saffer


    You think your 14 year old daugher is still a virgin? Delusional.

  • AtomManhattan

    Lets face it- guns are for pussies. If you can't defend yourself without a gun- you deserve to die. It's called 'survivial of the fittest'. Besides, if you can't kill a man with your bare hands, without looking him in the eye- you're a weak, pathetic BITCH. If someone ever pulled a gun on me they had BETTER kill me, or I will touture the shit out of them for days. Wit ha smile.
    I once had a guy jump me while delivering pizza…want to guess how that turned out???
    and I didn't need a gun.

  • Anonymous

    americans are what make america fucked up

  • Anonymous

    if cleaning your guns is better then sex then your a fucken wierdo dude or your gf has a cunt of sandpaper

  • Xac

    That is what I’m thinking. The pro-gun guy is just being an attention whore. “Ooo…look at me! Look at me! I like guns! I like guns! That other guy doesn’t! Isn’t it AWESOME that I like guns? Look at me!”

  • lol at americans

    guns = freedom? wat do you need a gun for…………oh yeh to increase the no. of ppl murdered, great idea how did i not think of that

  • Xac

    All that sign does is make you look like a douchebag and an attention whore. You want to protect your freedoms, you take it up in city hall. You write letters and you act like a civilized person. Signs like that just make you look crazy and only encourage anti-gun advocates.

  • Woot

    I agree with StudleyPendejos. If yall keep trying to take away the law abiding citizens guns then to only people that will have them are the criminals who get them illegally and the goverment. Im very pro gun. I would rather my wife have a .357 mag in her hand, I did teach her how to shoot and defend herself, if someone breaks into our home or trying to rob her, instead of a 911 operator on the phone trying to tell her to remain calm and not to do anything just let the criminal do what he wants to do and the police will be there shortly to take a victims report. I think they need to stiffen the punishment for the ones who break the law and the goverment needs to stick to it instead of just keep slapping the crimanals wrists and telling them not to do it a 5th time. Then let them back out onto the street. But thats just my little opinion.

  • Stuart Pidass

    Wow, nothing gets past you StudleyPendejos! You actually thought my name was Stuart Pidass? It’s like the old joke Michael Hunt, or Mike Hunt for short (“my cunt” for the slow folks) Way to catch on to the joke there dude.

    Yep, you’re right. Everyone does have the freedom of speech. That’s just one of the things that makes this country great. This guy has every right to express his opinions, and to be a complete douchebag in the process. Does he go up and down his street, asking everyone their political beliefs? Oh no, the guy two doors down voted for the latest tax levy. Better post a sign! That bitch across the street voted for someone else for mayor! Get another sign ready.

    Once again for the riders of the short bus…having an opinion is one thing, posting a sign in your yard that berates your neighbor is just proving that you’re an attention seeking loser.

  • D

    lol at americans = Europussy

    This is why Socialism and Communism are running rampant through the rest of the world. A bunch of sheep who lie down and let their governments have their way with them.

    “Americans need never fear their government because of the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation.”

    – James Madison/Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

  • Anivar

    Guns=freedom, name a free country with an unarmed populace.
    China=no guns
    Russia=no legal guns
    Nazis=no guns
    Cambodia=no guns
    Cuba=no guns
    North Korea=no guns
    England=no guns, thats why they are subjects.
    Like guns? Don’t like them? Seems to me the point of the sign was, why don’t you little hippies stop trying to decide for everyone else? The gun owner is not trying to pass any laws requiring anyone to buy a gun, if you believe in freedom why don’t you do the same.

  • D

    “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  • Xac

    Me personally, I have no problem with owning guns. Within reason, of course. In any case, you’re embarassing the rest of us gun owners. Stop it. Please. Spell check is your friend. Less insults as well and more ‘sources’ for your facts, if you’re going to speak for us. It helps. Seriously.

  • Xac

    Wow. You didn’t read a single word I said, did you? I told you….I own guns. I know what side I am on. I thought that was obvious, pal. And you completely and utterly went left field on that one. Good job.

  • StudleyPendejos

    No, I was actually commenting on the obvious worn out joke….dont give yourself that much credit to think you need to explain.

  • Blow J

    haha no shit stuart – who doesnt know about that
    thanks for explaining so we can understand

  • Stuart PIdass

    Yep it’s an old, worn out, joke, yet you went with it and used it in a different way. I didn’t take credit for anything, just making a joke that you had commented on it. I even said “way to catch on…” didn’t I?

    Also, thanks to Blow J…for pretty much reciting what Studley had already said. I guess that was in case we missed it the first time?

    A little background on the name. Yes, I had heard it used before but in high school the local newspaper was reporting on our school’s girl’s basketball game. They asked me and a few other students about the game and asked what our names were. We were surprised that the name Stu Pidass went over the editor’s head and made it in the sports section.

  • StudleyPendejos

    Well in that case… hats off to you Stuart, that’s the only way it’s worth it. Also, I’m tired of arguing about this junk…. could go on forever…. Chive on!

  • youdummy

    …to the gay parade.

  • D

    Jordo: Well, since we’re stereotyping now; why don’t you go and hang out with the rest rest of your gay, bald on top/ponytail in the back, liberal faggot buddies, burn some shitty incense and shove birkenstocks up each other’s asses until the cows come home. Fucking retard………

  • Anivar

    Yeah you’re right, they got tanks, planes, ships, bombs, and mortars; thing is, senators, representatives, and anyone else dies from a bullet just the same. So, trust me, they care.
    If they didn’t care, I bet they would not have passed that DC gun ban back in 1976. Funny thing about that, after a few years of that ban, the crime rate just went up and up, until DC had one of the highest crime rates in the US. Google trend it, it is wild. But you know who needs facts when you’ve got righteous indignation on your side.

  • Anonymous

    Oi bollock-chops don’t start on the English. America is the only first world country that dosen’t have free universal healthcare and still has the death sentence.

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