$30,000 desk. (9 photos)

a 30000 desk computer 7 $30,000 desk. (9 photos)

  • ahha

    I have no clue what the hell I am looking at. I can see computer monitors. What is everything else?

  • Equalizer

    Wow… that was cool… BTW, What the hell is that?…

  • azifeyekare

    Is the PC and PS3 included?

  • Milly

    It doesn’t even look appealing. 😦 Bad times.

  • Nv_Me

    The only thing I can make out is the “Lamp”

  • Fruit of My Loom

    What a crock of shit. Give me 30k to spend on a set up and THEN you would have a set of photos.

  • asd

    i dont want it even as a present, it is ugly and runs windows. I prefer much more a high end osx desktop or a linux one

  • alex

    with so many fans, why dont u get yourself a liquid cooling system….30k? for this ,lol thats some expensive bad ass lowtek shit u got there

  • battleangel


  • Anonymous

    Where is the strip pole and duck tape.. then it would be a 30k desk..

    Like others have said.. those pictures are wack.. i cant tell what the hell im looking at.. some fancy electronics? extra cooled something or other.. ?

  • Mumu

    What in heaven’s name am I looking at? It looks like a pointless mess. Give me that 30k so I can do something worthwile with it like travel around the world @.@

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y


    @ asd, mac sucks.

    • owor

      No, you suck. Mac is awesome.

  • Nate_karr

    it’s obviously a Bar. atleast that what it says in one of the photos.

  • Skeeziks

    It’s just one big mess. I mean if your going to go out of your way and spend a lot of money on a custom PC at least make it visually appealing. That old wrecked car my neighbor refuses to get rid of is less of an eye sore.

  • Joe

    Freaking fail post, at least describe what it is.

  • Rev. Irwin

    30k for that seriously? I could put that together for under $100! Unless you’re including the ps3 and computer in which case it’s not the desk!

  • Phil

    I do not see $30,000 anywhere in the setup.

    Someone is lying about the price.

    $3,000 – sure… $30,000 – not a chance…not even $10,000.

  • Aaron

    i agree if it cost u that much then u got ripped off and deserve to kill the person who made it which was probably yourself so have fun.. I could make an awesome desktop pc setup for under 5 thou and would still look better be more user friendly and also have modern technology that is just a messy lookin antique or some crappy desk with 30 fans to cool your atari and some lights.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.kintzley Kelly Kintzley

    sucks to be this guy. He designed it so when he's sitting there, he's looking directly at the components rather than the monitors.

  • USB

    30k? For what? The house that the "desk" sits in?
    If it's just for the desk, the dude overpaid out the ass.

  • sd

    hmm i see some portable hard drives, that must be your omega porno station rolf

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