Douchebags and Douchebaguettes to spice up your day (20 Photos)

douche money bags Douchebags and Douchebaguettes to spice up your day (20 Photos)

Well, Chivers, we asked for douchebags and you gave us douchebags. Thanks for all the submissions. Keep ’em coming to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com.
Hint: Don’t send us photos of people you hate who who don’t look like douchebags. You’d be shocked at how many normal-lookin’ dudes we got sent over the last few days that probably just banged your girlfriend. We need photographic evidence of douchebaggery. Thanks!

Chive On,
-John n Leo

  • Norton

    What's with "guero loco" and his Walgreen's hat?

    He's not a douche, just a sad sack wanna-be gangsta' whigger.

    • JCS

      It's means crazy white dude (guero or pale person, Mexican slang.)

  • Equalizer

    (Last Pics:) ” Now, whose the douchebags?…”

  • Dan

    i love the guy who doesn’t have any money pointing to the guy who does.

  • Nv_Me

    4th Pic….Is that the “Bud” from Married With Children? Random?

  • sws4420

    Could someone define douchebaguette? Girls with big boobs and sunglasses?

  • Rav

    First douchebags and douchebagettes post was good. This one is stretching it. I think some are definite dbags/bagettes, but some look like otherwise normal people. #3 is just some dude at what looks like his wedding with some friend. #4 while looking like “Bud” is just doing a funny pose. But overall most look douchy.

  • Weezy

    the last one has a great bomb as well

  • Karen

    The guy in the blue plaid seems like he’s just PLAYIN like bein a douchebag (to his credit.) The rest are totally douches. I love that the skank-dressing girls are now bein called out as douchebagettes! YAY!

  • jwhitsel

    bagettes make my pants happy.

  • modianos

    how is the guy with the water pipe a douche?

  • robert ball

    Low rent wannabes, all of ’em.

  • hepfishandthecrusaders

    all of these people should be punched in the face… with a shotgun… and then sperm.

    just trying to keep it sexy, guys.

  • Darn Sillius

    Spiky, gelled/moussed hair, preferably flopped infront of your face if you’re a -bagette
    fake tan
    earrings too big for their head
    plucked eyebrows
    pursed lips
    too much flesh tastelessly exposed
    We used to call them “Guido’s and Guidettes” but seems the douchieness has expanded beyond the NY Italians.

  • seanintampa

    #5 is a Class A douchebag. On several levels. No man should ever, ever, take a photo of himself with a phone. Unless your an almost naked hot chick, taking a photo of yourself just announces to the world that you are lonely and pathetic.

  • TemporaryUsername

    What’s most hilarious about these photos is that they have no idea that they leave themselves open to be goofed on and they beg to be called out even as they swear they think the world must adore them in that very moment. They haven’t got a clue.

  • robin yates

    a douchbag thinks he is awesome, same with the female version,,,,,,, but we know different,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hehehehehehehehhehehehehehe

  • Mr. Quackers

    In picture number 10. Is… the middle guy actually lifting an imaginary sleeve? I mean, they’re effin shirtless, maybe because he’s soooo used to lifting his sleeves to “Show Off My Kick ASSS Tri’s!!!” (While he simultaneously punches a baby and trips a nun)

  • Digitsis

    Oh crap …. I think the kid with the bong is mine 😦

  • Anonymous

    “the horror the horror”

  • D

    Pic #5 – Open a little wider…..wider……. There we go………

  • Monty41

    Pic #9 – Definite Douchebag Symptom (bright Coored shirt with collar up)

  • BigfnMike

    Is that Britney Spears photobombing?

  • Shawnathan

    Guy with the hookah is definitely not a douchebag.

    And the douchebaguettes are fine as fuck.

  • Jacqueline

    “guero loco”??? serious douche bag…come on. bet he can’t even pronounce it. what a lame ass…

  • Handjob Murphy

    The guy in the sequinned jacked and the other with the wreath appear to be at a Hindu (?) wedding. The stuff's regalia and ceremonial. Those things can go for days with costumes and formal rituals. No douchebaggery here, unless there's some unrevealed backstory.

  • Phil

    you need to be punched. in the vagina. with my penis.

  • Anonymous

    because hes a ginger day-walker fuck lol just kidding weed fucken rocks!!

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