''Where The Wild Things Are" girl revealed. Meet Jen Baby (25 Photos)

wild things lead ''Where The Wild Things Are" girl revealed. Meet Jen Baby (25 Photos)

Last week, the above photo set the internets ablaze. After we posted it in ‘Randomness’, we received dozens of emails asking, ‘who the hell is the Wild Things girl??’ The photo quickly went viral but nobody knew who the girl was. Because The Chive rules, we tracked her down for you. Chivers, meet Jen Baby.
The 22 year-old vixen was born in Oregon and moved to LA not long ago and works as a bartender currently (though I suspect that won’t last long). Her interests only make her more alluring, “drinking Budweisers and spending all day listening to Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughn, hanging out with my rowdy friends, throwin back the tequila, attempting to skateboard or writing meaningful haikus. My life is simple, my life is great, im broke as f*ck….and I’ve never been happier.”
Tons more photos at her myspace page. Enjoy!

Photos via AlixM Photography, LastNightsParty [dot] com, MissNessa,

  • Christopher

    Jesus tapdancing Christ

    • Anon

      Seems like a hipster whore to me!

  • WWaldona

    she’s a unique looking girl. in a good way. some amazing photography here too but yeah, wow. the chive r0x

  • bear warning

    hmmm, since when , chive stopped making me laugh

  • battleangel

    It’s called food. Eat some, it’s good for you……..

  • http://thechive.com Leo

    Dear God.

  • TomJeffrey

    I got emailed that pic like 5 times last week. epic

  • Equalizer

    Can U be my Halloween date? I hope that guy from pic# 11 better be not her boyfriend…

  • jon

    @christopher – I believe that’s Jesus tittifucking Christ.

    She ain’t going to be broke for too much longer with more shots like the wet shirt.

  • jb

    Looks like a douchebaggette to me.

  • jwhitsel

    Why does such a perfect beauty have to ruin it with cigarettes?

  • Hamster

    Wow, if she is broke those must be real….

  • random dude

    Personally, I liked it better when she was all mysterious and stuff.

  • MaxSpain

    Meh, i’ll pass… anyone else getting the air of douchiness?

  • HardCore Mike

    Dump the douchebags…. as to whether she is an -ette or not remains to be seen. She has that certain…. I dunno what, though.

  • instaMADE

    really? douchey? good, more for me

  • Chica

    I have to wonder how much those things cost. It’s impossible to be that thin and have boobs that large. Pics do seem a pretty douchette…..

  • http://coedmagazine.com/2009/10/27/mystery-wild-things-hottie-jen-baby-uncovered-41-photos/ Mystery ‘Wild Things’ Hottie, “Jen Baby” Uncovered! [41 Photos] : COED Magazine

    […] chicks, often drunk and more often naked. Fortunately for us all, the good men of TheChive.com tracked down this lovely looker, and it turns out “Jen Baby” is just a cool 22-year-old chick from L.A. Oh, did we […]

  • Equalizer


  • JoeClyde

    She is the Hot Cool Chick.

  • Jordo

    Super hot! Thanks chive!

  • Blow J

    ooh yea

  • KP

    She has a certain uniqueness that is quite attractive……at least I think so.

  • db3300

    Jen, you’re a very pretty girl but the cigarettes and emos won’t help any potential career you have ahead of you. If you have to choose, I think lung cancer is the better choice.

    Some of the pics vaguely remind me of Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl. The first pic is the one that really gives me a bone, though.

  • db3300

    By the way, your love of The Eagles just makes you that more appealing.

  • angelo2114

    Beautiful woman, until I saw the cigarette.

    What a shame. Lose the smoke honey.

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