''Where The Wild Things Are" girl revealed. Meet Jen Baby (25 Photos)

wild things lead ''Where The Wild Things Are" girl revealed. Meet Jen Baby (25 Photos)

Last week, the above photo set the internets ablaze. After we posted it in ‘Randomness’, we received dozens of emails asking, ‘who the hell is the Wild Things girl??’ The photo quickly went viral but nobody knew who the girl was. Because The Chive rules, we tracked her down for you. Chivers, meet Jen Baby.
The 22 year-old vixen was born in Oregon and moved to LA not long ago and works as a bartender currently (though I suspect that won’t last long). Her interests only make her more alluring, “drinking Budweisers and spending all day listening to Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughn, hanging out with my rowdy friends, throwin back the tequila, attempting to skateboard or writing meaningful haikus. My life is simple, my life is great, im broke as f*ck….and I’ve never been happier.”
Tons more photos at her myspace page. Enjoy!

Photos via AlixM Photography, LastNightsParty [dot] com, MissNessa,

  • juan cruz


  • The real D. Nozzle

    is that the girl from my life as liz with better ta tas?

  • Iambetterthanyou

    I'm gonna impregnate her mouth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=657818734 Marcelo Muñoz

    god i want her.

  • Mo Olsen

    oh man, she makes my pee pee tingle!!

  • neXx

    – shes stunning.

  • Anonymous

    I went to HS with this girl. Honestly one of the nicest most gorgeous girls I have ever met. All natural and beautiful. I dated her younger sister.

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, "she has a MySpace page"….too funny even for 2009.

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  • WnYCItY

    looks perfectly healthy to me. You must live in Wisconsin

  • Bitchkins.

    yea..your prolly some jealous fat ass bitch..i feel sorry for you that you wish so bad to look like her that you must say shes skinny to make your self feel like she has a eating disorder instead of you, who prolly has a eating disorder that involves eating to much…

    fat ass, that girl is beautiful.

  • Library Dude

    W. O. W. Sticking to the purely superficial, she is a knock out.

    Chica says:
    “I have to wonder how much those things cost. It’s impossible to be that thin and have boobs that large. ”
    Not impossible. Unfortunately, both of my sisters are that thin and even a little bustier, as my jackass friends love to point out. Yes, my friends are big believers in schadenfreude, and no, I am not posting pictures of them.

  • wiscoooo

    i live in wisconsin and we are not all hungry like that fatty

  • Mr. Meaty

    So sad…but true.

  • LOL

    “Jesus tapdancing Christ” LMAO! Now that is a great ‘first’ post!

    Damn this girl puts the X in sexy. Eyes, rack, smile, dimples are killer. The spilled milk pic…holy crap on a Popsicle stick. :o!

    Good luck Jen.

    Thank you John for tracking her ass down for us. You’re too good to us sometimes! 😉

  • LOL

    Going to be graphic here Emily. The milk is touching her pussy. For all the men know, the milk CAME from her pussy. They’re very visual/literal creatures. God love them. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    the eagles? i saw johnney cash and stevie ray(god) but no fucken eagles fuck you ciggerettes rock what are you some sort of health freak faggit? fuck you

  • Anonymous

    you need to have a smoke and shut the fuck up fagget

  • Anonymous

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  • Bill the welder

    Your a nerdy fag.

  • Anonymous

    buddy no one askked you write a book you health freak fagget and i dont give a fuck how to spell it because you knew what i was saying and on that note fuck you you cocksucking mutt

  • Anonymous

    id put my smoke out in your face after i fed you your teeth

  • Bill the welder

    You don’t have to have much money at all to look like you do. During my stint as a photographer I had a budget about as big as dinner for three at Golden Corral so clothes would come from second hand and goodwill shops. Make up generally was the cheap stuff from walmart and hair products came from the same place and all were the bargain items. All in all I could throw together various kinds of hot to sultry to drop dead sexy to outrageous looks for $30 and there are tricks that you can do with clothing or to give the impression of makeup to further the high cost illusion along.

  • Anonymous

    because some people just smoke im sorry its a inconvent truth but its fucken realitiy are you going to go up to some person on the street whos smoking and tell them to put it out because it ruins your impression of them? no? then why are you doing it here its her choice not yours and no one cares about your smoking non smoking preference

  • Jim the Geektanic

    You wish

  • TttT


  • Anonymous

    can we atleast have there facebook names lol

  • Anonymous

    why dont you weld your self a bike and fuck off

  • Anonymous

    smoking is a turnoff

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