World's strongest kid (13 photos)

a strong muscle kid 11 World's strongest kid (13 photos)

  • That Guy

    oh god, those kind of kids will enslave us all!

  • Equalizer

    He will surely be a perfect bully at school.

  • ugh

    That is so fucking weird. I'm sure there's no parental pressure there.

    • This is Gross

      More Like this:
      Dad: hey son try this new cereal!
      Kid: what is it?
      Dad: Why it's frosted steroids! The healthiest cereal around!

    • WTF

      Actually this kid is training alongside his dad. He is also the worlds youngest person to perform the human flag.

  • Vance

    Ho. Lee. Shit.

  • alex

    I'm no pro trainer, but the day I set my foot in the gym, coach asked me if I am 21, and he asked for a reason…

    children like that one above, he must be training hard , u can tell the intensity from his biceps and abs(unless he was born with them like that), and lifting such weights will definitely harm his bone structure more or less, as his bones r still growing

    I assume he has a f*cking good pro private instructor, otherwise its just a matter of time he would end up in hospital and his unreliable parents were gonna go to jail…

    • Zzzz

      His parents are both some sort of Olympic gymnasts from Ukraine I believe, and they push him like crazy. Saw some show on the kid.. I don't he even knows what a piece of candy tastes like. Parents are nuts/obsessive.

      • Dr.jalico

        Actually he has a genetic defect called myostatin which only effects skeletal musscel growth. Which is most commonly found in Belgium blue cows. No amount of training at that age can accomplish that this comes without effort

    • Andreas


  • pete

    i dont know, but this cannot be good for a childs development.

  • Smashedfox

    Douchebag in training

  • Santi

    I think I’m gonna puke.

  • doyoulikethisgig

    that’s just weird. little kids aren’t supposed to look like that.

  • JohnW

    His coach is his dad, personally i think, to let your kid do such things is a bit ( a bit more ) irresponsible. Poor kid is deff gonna have trouble with his bones or muscles when he gets older, hope he’s gonna be ok tho.

  • s3xt0y

    thats not normal

  • Elwood Moose

    This kid belongs in the Douchebag thread.

  • Anonymous

    Ewww that’s FUBAR.

  • Lucy Fur

    there is a growth hormone limiting enzyme that is missing in cases like this.
    Oops, I brought reason and logic.

    I meant to say..what a tool

  • KP

    Good example of parents living vicariously through their kids……….sad…..

  • JDR

    Unless he’s just in gymnastics

  • lina

    just my thought..this can not be normal

  • Anonymous

    This has got to be the Y-chromosome version of the mental illness that compels mothers to turn their little girls into JonBenet Ramsay lookalikes. I feel for the kid.

  • kioshiro

    he won some acrobatic competition at 4 year old … maybe on some pics he is 5 years old, but most of them he is 4

  • Anonymous

    This is that kid from Germany that was born with some disorder that made him ripped as fuck when was born. I've never seen pics of the kid until now, and all I gotta say is, damn.

    • @crsNNN

      No, this kid is from Romania, but he lives in Italy with his family, as far as I know. And he wasn't born with any disorder. His dad works with him since he was 3.

    • G.S. leader

      hmmm i was always told he was russian, but i guess i have never really learned german or the rusian language so i guess its would be hard to tell the difference

  • strongest.....nah

    he hasn’t got more muscle than any other kid just a really low body fat percentage, at his age even girls and boys have the same amount of muscle, just depends how much fat.

  • Prometeo

    Myostatin disorder.

  • Chris

    where can you get that disorder? I’d like two packs 😉

  • mitsos

    This is not normal development for a child.
    Just have him play football and ride a bicycle but no weight lifting at that age!

  • Grassley = awesome


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