World's strongest kid (13 photos)

a strong muscle kid 11 World's strongest kid (13 photos)

  • top dog

    The dad probably think this is cool, I can tell you it is not, it’s dangerous, for the kid that is. But, you can’t tell a man how to raise his kids. I just hope the child will be OK.

  • Uke

    People complaining about bad parenting for this case need to get a clue. -_-

    “Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy (or myotonic hypertrophy) is a rare genetic condition characterized by reduced body fat and increased skeletal muscle size. Affected individuals have up to twice the usual amount of muscle mass in their bodies.”

  • petronika

    this is a roumanian child…and his dad it’s an athlete

  • umxyeahh

    that is fucked up.

  • Krashtester

    This may be a little odd, but I’d rather kids look like this as opposed to the lard asses we’ve got roaming around these days. Imagine the stress on their bones, the jarring impact each time they put their fat foot on the ground, try to get up from a seated position or strain for the last pile of Mc Donalds fries.

    This kid is going to be O.K.

  • SJ

    Wonder how his body will react when he reaches puberty.

  • jim

    99% of kids such as this one who develop too early grow up to be either gay or transvestites and get AIDS.

  • BAKA

    Those are Chuck Norris' kids

  • mitch

    thats sooooo fkn wrong

  • Anonymous

    I think the kid will be just fine! Stop being a hater!

  • Nathon Albert

    I think the kid will be just fine! Stop being a hater!

  • Anonymous

    I just think its a lil to much

  • Anonymous

    Very wrong!! Poor child!!!

  • shnugs

    If you put too much pressure on the joins when young, then you will get all kinds of problems. 21 is a good age to start hard training as your joints are fully developed. Iv seen 17 year olds need joint operations (usually elbows) due to starting body training too young.

    Hopefully the kid will be ok.

  • Cameron


  • Katie

    If your supposed to be 21 to lift weights then why do most high schools offer weight training classes?

  • Kesha

    You guys are rude af!! This is cool. And he looks happy! He's so cute !! Keep goin little big guy!

  • Da Sandman

    OR this kids has sick parents, OR he's born with a myostatin deficiency (the enzyme that inhibits excessive muscle growth)

  • olahus

    He's Giuliano Stroe and he's from Romania

  • Austin

    I was like that when I was 5

  • @Jlisa7986

    fucked up parents.

  • Ars Nova

    Hilarious how jealous grown people are of a 4 year old, spewing hateful remarks. PATHETIC!

  • razir

    Fuck that do u no how much that kid is going to sufer bad perins I would say I say stop wit that shit and let the musels go down he looks d formd hez going to die urly and fuck the perins of the por child I mean wat ar u tinking doing that to the kid ur own kid note fuck I sufer from joint pans from giming to urly. I would say lisen to wat other ppl tl u that kid is not going to be o.k

  • Scrawny

    23 year old jealous guy right here.

  • Lucky Mbatha

    The boy looks great&he had flecks muscles, but at his age no this is not ok for the young1.

  • pundit

    how the fuck do you know? STFU!

  • wey

    and bad kidney too, just wait till u hit 30, stop using protein and other shit, he is just a kid

  • youdummy

    Thanks Alex. You are just a breath of fresh air on this craaazzzy site. Good thing we have you to analyze the physique of a 6 yr old for us. Smart guy.

  • Phil

    You belong in the douchebag thread, this kid obviously is being pushed by his parents (so maybe they belong in said thread as well). To call a 7yr old a douchebag is the ultimate in douchebaggery.

  • Brandon

    It’s not. Weight training that intense puts too much stress on the developing muscles and bones.

  • Anonymous

    its that overly developed muscle disorder – the one were all your muscles develop ‘perfectly’ – he’s gonna be a body builder fo sho. alll genetic

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