“The Club” New and improved (5 photos)

a shotgun club 0 The Club New and improved (5 photos)

  • Equalizer

    That is so Sweet! I’ve been looking for that club for my car.

  • Hi


  • JDR

    I’m pretty sure that the cops wouldn’t appreciate its utility

  • Fail

    Hehe effin fail, how is a gun going to scare anyone without anyone holding it? Feels like people would want to break in just to take the GUN.

  • robin yates

    an imitation gun is pointless !

  • Jordo

    Nice suicide knob. (I know my spelling sux)

  • Nv_Me

    Scenario- I get pulled over with this thing in my passenger seat. Cop looks at it, and next thing I know I am in OZ tooling around with Beacher…….

  • Anonymous

    man if the cops ever pulled you over your getting maced or tasered for sure especially if he keeps that in reach

  • bill

    wow so cool got to get one.yes

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