Daily Afternoon Randomness (23 Photos)

random star wars Daily Afternoon Randomness (23 Photos)

  • linaznz

    1ST!!!!!! YAY what the heck is going on with the power plant looks scarey glad new zealand doesnt have those!!!

  • bigbag2218


  • Tim

    There is still nothing wrong with that 5 port network switch. The 6th port is an uplink port.

  • donnyrkj

    yeah…on the 5 port hub one its is a 5 port hub..its talking about the exit ports it has one port that functions as a line in and not out..so they are referring to the 5 ports used as an out route for the signal.

  • dos santos

    is it keanu reeves on the 6th ?

    love the trojan condoms too 😀

  • darsh

    Thank you NEEEEERRRRD !


  • SreyaNotfilc

    Even with mud on her face, the Army gal is a hot mama!

  • DANG

    Anyone find it odd that, in the first pic, the Americans hold the red lightsabers, whereas the British hold the green ones?

    • Ashaley

      hahahaha. I think you just became my new best friend. just ps…

  • Me

    5-port hub pic: They’re doing it doggystyle. Your technobabble is invalid.

  • Anonym

    love the midget a-team

  • John

    nmoaodtoesticsted October 20, 2011 I’ve heard a tennis ball helps with your feet, as well. And I would definitely check out the foam roller if you run a lot. I am really liking it!

  • bigbag2218

    damn u must have wrote that same time as my ( my life sucks )

  • boobookitty

    bigbag2218 your an ASS! We don’t care who came first here

  • ballockov

    how i love the smell of a techno nerd in the morning………..

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Well it is a pic about technology. What did you expect?

  • Blow J

    Boobookitty likes cocks and dicks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I concur w/ Anonymous

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