Small meteor slams farm in Latvia (10 photos)

a meteor hits latvia 2 Small meteor slams farm in Latvia (10 photos)

  • me again

    numero uno!

  • zzz

    it’s fake.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    *cues the Superman theme*

  • tdk

    yea, its actually a marketing trick by one telecom giant in scandinavia – Tele2.

  • blahblahboy

    It was an advertising campaign by some mobile phone company.
    They got in a sh## load of trouble because of it.

  • Bassiks

    It was in the Metro newspaper in the UK that this was fake, Said they crater had been dug with a shovel.

  • boneman

    that’s kind’a what my ‘crater’ feels like the dy after some really HOT Mexican chow….

  • Grayamb

    This is why peopel are so skeptical of everything. Because there’s always a few attention whore douche bags who make stuff up for their own personal gain, at the expense of reality. Assholes.

  • void

    Proven to be fake, sorry

  • MikeK

    Sweet! I wanna buy it!

  • Shmoopty

    Yup. That is not what an impact crater looks like. That’s soft, freshly shoveled dirt.

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