This Oregon State drunk makes epic beer pong table (10 Photos)

osu beer pong This Oregon State drunk makes epic beer pong table (10 Photos)

It took Misha Sahakian 5 gallons of epoxy over 4000 beers to create this. But at what cost to his liver?

  • igncogNeeto

    the more i look at this, the thing that gets me most is the color arrangement. these were not just a random assortment of beers. I mean, this is some pretty specific alcoholism

  • Anonymous

    thats fucken badass

  • Anonymous

    fucking awsome man

  • boobookitty

    I Love Men now

  • krisb


  • LOL

    That’s awesome. Not only artistic but funny & functional too! I like! I’m glad I didn’t have to drink it all. Maybe he had friends/frat house, and maybe they collected the caps over a few months/years. 😉

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  • texican32

    Isnt that the Oklahoma State logo no the oregon state

  • texican32

    My bad youre right Im effed up

  • Waldo and Bugsy

    THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!!!!!! that is a badass table

  • the original

    ur jealous. That took some planning, and a little cash. I say the work of an engineer

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