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Best Halloween costume yet. Woman becomes comic book drawing (5 Photos)

hween comic beauty Best Halloween costume yet. Woman becomes comic book drawing (5 Photos)

photos via the great Geekologie

  • kaki


  • SreyaNotfilc

    Excellent job. The broken lines and the bold colors really makes this work. It doesn’t hurt that she’s georgeous as well.

  • name less


  • darsh

    That’s totally it !!

  • Some49er

    Where did all these dumbass people come from over the past two weeks???? No one gives 2 shits if you are the 1st dumb fuck to post or not!!!! STFU!!!!

  • Jose

    That’s pretty clever.

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me a lot more of Pop Art then comic books

  • Tawd

    Roy Lichtenstein is the artist they are emulating here.

    • its_forge

      Thank you, I was breaking my brain to remember Lichtenstein.

  • 11


  • Prah

    That’s not a “comic book” look, it’s pop art, and the dots simulate raster dots.


    What are they doing with the plastic thing in the second to last photo?

    ps way awesome!

  • boobookitty

    kaki your an ASS! We don’t care who came first here.

    Chicken Pox!

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