American fatasses on scooters (15 Photos)

fat scooters lead American fatasses on scooters (15 Photos)

This gallery is from BannedInHollywood, more fatasses here. He also has a great gallery on the top 10 internet butterfaces, just FYI.

  • skeeter

    Quick BATMAN to the BATCAVE, before they start backing up.

  • ken


  • MontyB

    Jesus Christ, How? I’m a big guy, but I’m probably half the weight of the second smallest person up there (that one guy without a shirt was big but tiny next to the others), and I’m ridiculously lazy, seriously I get to the gym once a week, and it’s free and about a block away from my residence, And otherwise do nothing, how do you possibly get that fat? the second you get to the point walking up stairs becomes a sweaty chore, you should either off yourself, or seriously rethink your lifestyle. Then again, I think I got my answer in the pictures, fast food, and not walking.

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  • pooper

    i like cheese

  • ScaryButTrue

    I remember hearing this:

    “Bones are for the dog. Meat is for the man.”

    Either that means fuck-a-fatty or fuck-a-steak…

  • gabriel

    fuck you all fat americans you destroy the world in order to eat, you fat asses.
    i just hope someday america will someday see what a mess it is.

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  • ErikAnarchy

    why don't we butcher these fat fucks and feed them to the starving or malnourished people all over the world

  • jonno

    WOW that is all i have to say

  • jimmy

    how do these people not die of fatness? HOW???

  • JessicainFortWayne

    I've been obese AND underweight, and I know how much value society places on being thin. Calling people fatasses, lazy, and dumb does not help anything. I was treated like shit when I was fat, even though my intelligence and emotions were the same! As a thin person, I was treated like a princess. THAT disparity is disgusting! Try to have some compassion, people.

  • virushunter

    We need to cancel the food stamp/EBT program and soon! I worked at a grocery store cashier and there was always some fat sow with several kids in tow buying food I couldn't afford and then paying with an EBT card or food stamps.

    And it's not an American thing. From what I've seen, the Canadians are just as bad as we are and all the statistics show the world is catching up to us.

  • Kevin

    I have aligned several cars for obese people. I remember one young woman where we kept trying to set the adjustments to compensate for her weight. Se kept coming back saying "it pulls to the left". We finally had her sit in the car. Always a touchy thing to ask plus it's hard to get them up on the rack when they are that big.

  • Kevin

    I worked at a church once and we had a choir director that was enormous (think "What's eating Gilbert Grape").
    She had to rest before during and after ascending/descending the stairs to the choir loft. We had to develop a plan (it involved the use of a crane) to get her out of there in case something happened.

  • pundit

    youre right….youre disgusting in many other ways

  • ChrisDG74

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  • dumdum

    that’s retarded.

    nobody’s getting 5 times the food-stamps because they are fat.

    they are choosing low quality calories and processed foods that destroy their body’s metabolic function. they’ve been marketed this crap by private companies for a couple of generations now. people eat what they grew up eating, what’s available in their neighborhoods, and what they can afford.

    processed foods are profitable foods. and because no one in our shit-ass country wants to pay any fucking taxes, public schools have to resort to letting pepsi advertise in homeroom.

    to make it even more pathetic, half of these poor dumbasses will go out and vote republican….

  • Rusty Shackleford

    So George Bush made these people fat?

  • D

    Then by all means, leave and go some place where people pay enough taxes you stupid communist piece of shit! I’m sick of hearing your kinds bleeding heart liberal bullshit! Please fuck off!!!!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Oh, so those two years and seven months I worked at the Bremerton, Washington Department of Social and Health Services, I must have been mistaken! Because there were 92 *at my last count* people who claimed ‘Food addiction’ as a disability. They not only got PAID SSI payments for their ‘debilitating addiction’ and required extra food stamps for it as well! It was bullshit. But the working dads whose wives had left to live with some crack dealer couldn’t get more than $180 for the kids they were raising alone. Thank you for informing me that the cases I worked on every day must have been fake since you say so.

  • jeffzero

    I was going to reply to the idiot that is dumdum, but its pointless. I agree that size matters. I’ve had a little wiener forever, so it doesn’t bother me that much. But, size does matter. And it matters because the bigger people, companies, and countries get, the more apathetic they get about the substance that got them to the highest point in life. With people its exercise and paying attention to what they eat. With companies its slowing down with the times, not spending more than they make, and letting the market take out the ones that can’t sustain their own growth. With countries it is just plain apathy by its citizens. The highest voter turnout in a presidential election (generally the highest election turnouts) was in the 1950’s at 38% of eligible voters. Its never been more than 38%!! That’s pathetic. And it will be apathy that takes down countries. That or our armed forces kicking the shit out of the imbeciles running whatever country we want to own next. But until then, apathy is kicking America’s ass..

  • slug

    Hey, dumdum. Did the folks over at Ace’s place run you off?

    You have it wrong, Rusty. These are the ones who vote for those who will extend welfare benefits to them. “I gots ta have a cheeseburger. Where’s my check?”

  • D

    Only my cock is fat. Don’t tell me you don’t remember bob; I certainly do. Ah, the way you rubbed my semen all over your chest………….

  • HellHathNoFury

    I really hope that wasn’t your attempt at an insult to Bob, seeing as YOU state that you CAME ON HIM

  • D

    Please don’t try and integrate yourself into this one; you’re such a pretty girl. It would really be a bad idea; I can get extremely ugly……….

  • Blow J

    Fuck off D…. Americans will kick the living shit out of you 24/7

  • Psara

    Have you ever been on one of those razer scooters? They’re more exercise than walking!

  • meestermeester

    hahaha pwnd

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