Hot Right Now: There are Sexy Chivers among us (60 Photos)

Germany has douchebags too. The Chive presents the Deutschbag (20 Photos)

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douche bag germany Germany has douchebags too. The Chive presents the Deutschbag (20 Photos)

Thanks to German Chiver, Hershel, for sending these photo in!

  • boobookitty

    first again bitches

  • Eamer

    American douches < German douches.

  • D


  • Matador

    ROFL @ the name Deutshbag!!! HAHAHAHA!!! GOLD!

  • SaintStephen

    I thought that Germany invented the douchebag… now I have images of Hitler in an Old Navy ad…

  • Twisted Sister

    Well, Deutshbags aren’t orange, I’ll give them that.

  • Dave

    I think two of the dudes in #3 are just normal dorks, not DBs. Dork bags maybe?

    And when are we going to see a gallery of mini-DBs? I was at the mall yesterday and these two preppy white boys with their crooked hats and gangsta chains were walking around talking about how they were “stunning like mah daddayyy” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry!

    Please Chive give us a gallery!

  • Dingo

    every one pictured above is a tool

  • robin yates

    easy to know the pics were not american,,,,,,,why ?,,,,,,,,,, easy,,,,,,,,, no lard asses or fat fucks

  • rhodeislander

    the kid in argyle in photo #4 & #6 looks like a young Rain Man.

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  • HardCore Mike


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  • Ray

    funny thing is most of them aren’t germans, but some undereducated turk and jugoslawian immigrants living in germany off german social security money

    • maja

      thank you Ray … I was thinkin the same thing😉 I usually don’t see guys like that at at my campus😉

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  • Digitsis

    German’s out douche Americans – hands down

  • yeaaaa

    Yeah no fat asses just hot chicks with big tits.. also douchebags

  • Chan

    I’m so glad I’m American, most of those guys are not only douchy, but they’re f-ed up lookin too! I’ll take my sexy American men ANYDAY!

  • top dog

    Most of em look like techno heads to me.

  • Fab

    I would say only the half of them are German, so it's very funny what the Americans say about the "German douchebags"

  • sfxbdfhds


  • chiver

    master race my ass

  • notapedofile

    I think a lot of them are just homosexual…plus euro club style is weird compared to America. DOUBLE PLUS – I think a few of those pictures are from Sensation, which would make them, as someone pointed out, 'techno heads'

  • Mr. Quackers

    No one cares but you. No One.

  • D

    Nope; just a bunch of “boys” who are trying hard to be women. Femme to the bone……..

  • ur gay

    no fat-asses, just eurofags

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