Germany has douchebags too. The Chive presents the Deutschbag (20 Photos)

douche bag germany Germany has douchebags too. The Chive presents the Deutschbag (20 Photos)

Thanks to German Chiver, Hershel, for sending these photo in!

  • boobookitty

    first again bitches

  • Eamer

    American douches < German douches.

  • D


  • Matador

    ROFL @ the name Deutshbag!!! HAHAHAHA!!! GOLD!

  • SaintStephen

    I thought that Germany invented the douchebag… now I have images of Hitler in an Old Navy ad…

  • Twisted Sister

    Well, Deutshbags aren’t orange, I’ll give them that.

  • Dave

    I think two of the dudes in #3 are just normal dorks, not DBs. Dork bags maybe?

    And when are we going to see a gallery of mini-DBs? I was at the mall yesterday and these two preppy white boys with their crooked hats and gangsta chains were walking around talking about how they were “stunning like mah daddayyy” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry!

    Please Chive give us a gallery!

  • Dingo

    every one pictured above is a tool

  • robin yates

    easy to know the pics were not american,,,,,,,why ?,,,,,,,,,, easy,,,,,,,,, no lard asses or fat fucks

  • rhodeislander

    the kid in argyle in photo #4 & #6 looks like a young Rain Man.

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  • HardCore Mike


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  • Ray

    funny thing is most of them aren’t germans, but some undereducated turk and jugoslawian immigrants living in germany off german social security money

    • maja

      thank you Ray … I was thinkin the same thing 😉 I usually don’t see guys like that at at my campus 😉

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  • Digitsis

    German’s out douche Americans – hands down

  • yeaaaa

    Yeah no fat asses just hot chicks with big tits.. also douchebags

  • Chan

    I’m so glad I’m American, most of those guys are not only douchy, but they’re f-ed up lookin too! I’ll take my sexy American men ANYDAY!

  • top dog

    Most of em look like techno heads to me.

  • Fab

    I would say only the half of them are German, so it's very funny what the Americans say about the "German douchebags"

  • sfxbdfhds


  • chiver

    master race my ass

  • notapedofile

    I think a lot of them are just homosexual…plus euro club style is weird compared to America. DOUBLE PLUS – I think a few of those pictures are from Sensation, which would make them, as someone pointed out, 'techno heads'

  • Mr. Quackers

    No one cares but you. No One.

  • D

    Nope; just a bunch of “boys” who are trying hard to be women. Femme to the bone……..

  • ur gay

    no fat-asses, just eurofags

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