Marriage lessons, always correct on signs (15 Photos)

marriage sign lead Marriage lessons, always correct on signs (15 Photos)

Great gallery brought to you by topcultered. Check out the only way to set a house alarm here (pic).

  • Lance

    best advice: don’t get married

  • Lardsux

    i got married


  • krisb

    i WAS married

  • s3xt0y

    haha last guy
    black guys always make the best signs.


    My wife and I were happy for 30 years….then we met.

    • ChiPsyGuy

      thats funny dude!!!!

  • ChiPsyGuy

    thats funny dude!!!!

  • Dk lehman

    does anyone else find it funny that the woman in the first pic holding a we the people sign is wearing a bank of america T SHIRT

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