Maybe some sexy motivational posters will take your mind off Monday (16 photos)

a sex motivational posters hh 4 Maybe some sexy motivational posters will take your mind off Monday (16 photos)

To see The Chive’s best Ron Jeremy photo on College Humor, click here. Also, to see the amazing stop-motion video of Los Angeles going viral (short vid must have taken forever to make) click here.

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    […] Sexy motivational posters […]

  • LeticiaWation

    Thats cool. I agree, that was a good post!

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  • Sexy Motivational Posters | Booty Call U

    […] “There is no I in team.”  However, these new sexy motivational posters, all located at the CHIVE, are much more our style. Featuring foxy ladies like Sofia Vergara (above), we can’t help but […]

  • Jon

    That one chick makes rainbows almost straight

  • layoby

    u know what. they are all stunners and they all need sex. so i am the ideal man for them.
    so just rape me hard, im a virgin.

  • Rick

    AWESOME….wallpaper my office at home too….

  • bulgakova

    nerdy girls and rainbows are awesome

  • oneeyedjackass

    i am cowgirl

  • Batex

    they forgot ass, legs, face, figure & abs for the 1st Krystal pic – makes it an octo-threat…. 😀

  • nickb

    #11.. they actually believe it's 72 virgins.

  • Anon2

    rainbow bright needs to eat something, rib cages aren't sexy

  • Motis

    The woman in photo #3 I would climb a thorn tree naked to get to her!!!

  • khushal afghan

    i am so lovly wish to send me sex position image

  • Keith_D

    Does anyone know who the girl with the Spongebob slippers is?

    • Leila

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  • Always Last


  • kessel81

    If you noticed the burgers in #9, you're probably gay.

  • haz

    teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Krafty

    I think the one on the right in #11 is my cousin. awkward much?

  • Jacob Ohlde

    72 virgins

  • Bill the welder

    Blah blah blah, their only loose if king kong gets them first or they have babies vaginally silly.

    BTW wheres you hot pics you were pestering John about?

  • HellHathNoFury

    I got an email back almsot a month ago saying they would be posted, and yet I haven’t seen them. I’m no beauty queen but don’t ask for something you’re not going to use.
    Um, i had my child vaginally and I’m definitely not loose. *although all women say that even if you can hear a breeze up there* Some women do this magical thing called Kegels. what i’m saying is the’re just regular girls to have sex with after the first time, so what’s the biggy about them being virgins?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Looks a hell of alot like Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, huh? But we all know they don’t have boobs and they’re not that tall, so photoshopping win.

  • boobookitty

    oh you wait hellhat, they will post your ugly picture under THIS PEOPLE EXIST, FAIL, FUNNY & WTF

  • Gman

    Could be Krystal Forscutt. Australian (enhanced) model

  • HellHathNoFury

    Riiight. and you’re so damn good-looking, that’s why you have a picture of yourself up, right? Oh, wait, you don’t!

  • Bobert

    I’m an idiot

  • Anonymous

    There were captions?

  • Anonymous

    Who is cowgirl?

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