Maybe some sexy motivational posters will take your mind off Monday (16 photos)

a sex motivational posters hh 4 Maybe some sexy motivational posters will take your mind off Monday (16 photos)

To see The Chive’s best Ron Jeremy photo on College Humor, click here. Also, to see the amazing stop-motion video of Los Angeles going viral (short vid must have taken forever to make) click here.

  • boobookitty

    damn it! I’m suppose to be first

  • Dingo

    damn it….she does know she is outa my league

  • zellmerfudd

    The burgers in Pic#9 are actually called heart-attack burgers….

    • captobvious

      what burgers?

  • Brandon

    Nerdy girl FTW

  • D

    I would like to play with all of their vaginas……

  • top dog

    Holy crap cowgirl!!!!!!, are those real????????. And, I love nerdy girls.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I can't understand the appeal of 37 virgins. They're only virgins the first time. after that, they're just loose. So, good sex only 37 times for the rest of your existance? Makes sense to me.

    • AirBorne

      Dude idk if i would call sex with virgns good sex…sure it’s tight but you spend more time explaning shit then really nail’n ’em

    • Quacodile

      Surely after the first couple of virgins you’d just get fed up of explaining what to do to.

      • OK SABOT

        No one ever said that the virgins would be young girls. Just sayin.

    • Rafael

      Existence, bimbo.

  • bob saget

    who is pic#1

    • atwell

      Krystal Forscutt

    • Batex

      krystal forscutt

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  • Anonymous

    eraser nipples!

  • LOL

    I am so glad I saved this gallery for last! 🙂 Now I won’t have dreams about fat people on scooters. 😉

    G’night chivers.

    And HHNF, screw the bastards…loose vaginally…pure BS. Kegels rock…and guys, you can do the damn things too. 😉

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Denise Milani wins, but Cowgirl is a very close second. Then again, nerdy girl has my heart.

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  • sippin_waters

    whos that in the booty shorts pic?

  • Henry Rain

    Give nerd girl’s facebook. She’s beautiful.

  • Bobert

    terrible comeback. Girlz and the internets do not mix.

  • Anonymous

    those were some of the worst captions

  • Anon

    what happened to ‘oh sweet futurama’s on’

  • Franderge

    Do you imagine: h1s1 virus is unsafe to mankind? I am weak-kneed to set up …

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