If the word, 'Awesome', was never coined, would these photos even exist..? (25 photos)

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a awesomeness 21 If the word, 'Awesome', was never coined, would these photos even exist..? (25 photos)

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  • boobookitty

    no5 is Yummy, I love men with big chest and small hands

  • jozef

    3rd to last is yummy, so you already know what i love

  • darsh

    boobookitty, He has NO hand at all !! LOL

  • Doolu

    Great name for this post! Great post also!!

  • Lionhearte

    I get the feeling of deja vu.. like, I’ve seen this set before O.o

  • sock puppet

    Poor tree. It must have been a thousand years old. I just want to hug it. Ha! Not really. Sumbitch was no match for mankind! I hope they used it to make seal-clubbing clubs

    • puppet master


  • Anonymous

    Man I want that burger (And the cute boob girl)
    That tree can’t be real can it, or are they very tiny people.

  • Matt

    Awesome falls short in describing that titty/face combo

  • David

    Yeah, okay, I just wish the guy who looks so proud with the bear paw had faced it in hand to hand. The ability to load, aim, and fire a weapon should not be the exclusive qualification for be -permitted- to do so.

    "Look at me, I killed a wonder of nature."


    • jason in pc

      STFU david, your vag is leaking thru your mouth again.

    • Dirtycarnivour

      That's all you've got David? Go back to your gerber baby food and trying on moms clothes, and get off the chive if you can't stand a dead animal or two, you sound to me like your made of girl parts champ

  • Catalystika


    I'm trying to think of something witty to do that picture justice, but… hrm. Nevermind. LBP FTW!

  • Spirit Tat

    Enter text right here!

    • Spirit Tat

      just wanted to post on FB … digz the pics

  • ChucklesTheClown

    #23 Yummmmmmmmm!!!


    #1: Awesome is as awesome does!!
    #2: BOOBS & BEER, BOOBS & BEER (or is beer & boobs?)
    #6: Why NOT me Lord??? WHY???
    #15: Here, let me help you with that…

  • Ray

    Thanks for making the list, I loved it!! I didnt get a few of them but still, kwoning that I’m probably not the only person who remembered the Darkwing Duck song when they saw that pic is priceless lol. And I was seriously wondering if I was the only one who read a ton of R L Stine books when I was little haha. Oh and I LOVE that you have Where the Sidewalk Ends on here too, cause that was one of my favorite books, along with the other ones by the same author.Thanks

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