Athletes that got dressed in the dark (20 photos)

a athlete ugly uniform 12 Athletes that got dressed in the dark (20 photos)

Photo sources below

Bethanie Mattek Source, Serena Williams infamous Cat Suit Source, Federer Source, John Daly Source, Beach Volleyball Source, 2nd Serena Photo Source. Agassi spandex Source. Other photos too old to locate origins. If located, please send to thechiverules [at] gmail [dot] com for amendment.

  • Dingo

    personally i think these people who made theses outfits should die

  • JoeClyde

    Dailey looks spivfey

  • Brandon

    Looks like ____ Williams has a tumor growing out of her ass.

  • Anonymous

    The Shearer one is way back in 96 isn’t it?.

  • Laura

    LOL I always love the golfing ones they never get old. The ones with the chick runners in the full body suits…dont they wear those because of their religion?

  • krisb

    golfers aren’t atheletes

  • Anonymous

    He could be wearing a shirt that sats metrosexual pacifist, but i still wouldn’t fuck with number 3

  • Dan

    Putting your own watermarks on copyrighted images. Classy. You do source them but still, it is wrong.

  • Linkyn

    @ Dan, ‘you source them but still it’s wrong’. in fact it’s not, according to the digital Millennium copyright act as long as the images don’t contain any metadata, are found on 3rd party hosts (as appears to be case here) and are sourced, you’re protected under fair use.
    moreover, who made you the internet police? I’m all for people being called out for not sourcing but that doesn’t appear to be the case here at all. why not just pull that huge stick out of your ass and enjoy yourself?

  • hey hey hey

    damn Serena’s got a badonkadonk

  • Loag

    The Williams sisters are scary. They could probably kick anybody’s ass

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • s3xt0y

    she has a nice ass what you talkin about.

  • sock puppet

    Lot of different factors here. Just because you’re an athlete doesn’t mean you play a sport. There isn’t much difference between golf and softball if you always have a beer in your hand. However, at least softball can still be called a sport. Golf isn’t a sport even when played by the finest players in the world. Why? A real sport requires that defense be played. Golf – not a sport. Tennis – technically some shots can be defensive so, yes. Bowling – no. Cheerleading – no. My daughter would disagree with this but I make the rules in this game.

    BTW, is there anyone less attractive that Serena Williams? Why, yes there is. Her sister Venus.

  • Crystal

    Their religion? Pfffttt no….I’m pretty sure that Cathy Freeman (#9) practices Bahá’í, but that’s not why she wore the suit. She wore it because it was reported to help regulate muscle temperature and reduce wind drag, helping her run faster. Sort of a similar principle to Ian Thorpe’s outfit he wore for swimming.

    That race was at the 2000 Olympics, and she won gold.

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