Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

funny fire lead Daily Afternoon Randomness (25 Photos)

  • geedo

    that first photo is a fucking riot

  • dr

    am I missing something in the next to last photo?

  • nicdinecola

    yeah, i don’t see it either

  • A T

    that makes 3 of us…

  • acp

    I think it is supposed to be the dumb look on the middle guy’s face. I don’t understand the one with the guys face blanked out.

  • bastian

    i’m fucking tired of the pic of the knight using his cell phone, they’ve posted too many times and it’s not even funny!

  • me

    Yeah, I’m not seeing the next-to-last one, or the one with the guy’s face blocked out. Can somebody please fill us in?

  • sticks

    I think the one with the guy’s face blocked out is suppossed to have the hot chick as the focus of the pic. As for the two guys and chick I have no idea. Also the flamethrower guy is lucky to have a town where you can use your flamethrower in the park.

  • geevee

    I miss Hells beaver

  • Anonymous

    Don’t blaze me bro.
    The guy with the phone is just trying to organise a good Knight out.

  • camel joe

    is that bridge fucken real?! where is that?

  • ken

    Pushing your baby in a stroller: Your doin’ it wrong.

  • Heya

    I love the photo with the two monsters and the boy with the crown in the metro.
    The story this is taken from was my favourite book for many many years ^^

  • Anonymous

    The point of the picture is the light masquerading as a hat. DURR HURP DERP

  • LOL

    I think it’s a dig on women…she’s telling them what to do…the left guy is like “Ummm…okay.” The center guy is just laughing because she thinks she’s the boss?

    That’s all I can think of anyway… Crazy chive…

  • Bill the welder

    When your at the bar do you look at the guy with the chick or focus on the chick with the sweater mellons? If you answered the guy with the chick your a fag while the rest of us wouldn’t even have noticed that there was a guy next to her.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yeah, I replaced her with the logger guy up there. Much more efficient at getting rid of faggot trees.

  • HellHathNoFury

    That’s worthy of a head+desk better than Monica and Bill, dude.

  • Psara

    That was better than this entire post.

  • StudleyPendejos

    Yea we need more to get rid of faggots

  • Ricco

    Hellhathnofury…..You’re hot.

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