In Russia, this is a photo contest (10 Photos)

russia photo contest In Russia, this is a photo contest (10 Photos)

I’ve recently become lost in Russian cyberspace and I’ve found some sites here that organize extreme photo competitions. I had seen a couple of these photos individually before and assumed they were real (because I’m a jackass). But the photos are actually a part of an extreme photo game called “Lover.” All you need is a rifle and a balcony.
The ‘lover’ hangs from the balcony, “The exit should be not lower than a 3rd story of a multi-stored building.” Meanwhile the ‘enraged husband’ hangs out a window and points a rifle at the ‘lover’ while the ‘cheating wife’ feigns shock and horror. Perfect competitive forum, I think. This is pretty weird…

UPDATE: For more about this post as well as two other totally bizarre competitions, visit the great EnglishRussia. (Thanks for the heads-up Brian)

Also for a very unique time lapse video of LA, you gotta check this kid’s shit out.

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