Daily morning randomness (20 photos)

a um yeah title 18 Daily morning randomness (20 photos)

  • lina

    i think KID ROCK looked cute when he was younger 😀

  • ken

    I think the “Shocker” gesture from the Louisville Cheerleader is shopped in. Still, it’s not a bad idea….

  • joe

    i dont know, ken. the nail polish on the one hand is in line with the other….either way i approve haha

  • top dog

    SUPER CAT!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s confirmed, Kid Rock was always a dumbass.

  • huangzhixian118

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Why is Mario wearing a jet costume? I thought it was raccoon or frog!

  • Sedated

    50 Cent looked kinda ok.

  • manwich

    ken and joe: she’s making a Louisville L, which is middle and index finger up, pinky and ring down. Whether or not she meant to leave her pinky up, or if it was photoshopped is up in the air (haha)

  • SreyaNotfilc


  • yoohooisntchocolatemilk

    nothing really matress-WIN

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