Hot Right Now: Chivettes bored at work (26 Photos)

Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

kristy hot girl Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

One of Kristy’s friends sent us these photos. We’re told she’s a very sweet non-douchebaguette if that’s a factor here.

  • Erwin


  • Lard sux

    I know there are gonna be a lot of people saying no just b/c of the way the question was posed but let’s give her some credit. she’s hot and apparently a sweetheart. that’s worth sayin

  • farts


  • Karen

    I actually think the very first picture is the best out of all of them. She’s def cute. (but I’m a girl… jus my opinion)

  • dipshit

    she is hot, but how can you say non-douchbaguette when she is hanging out with that total douchebag? The number one sign that a girl is a douche is that she is taking photos with douchebags…

  • Don

    She is pretty, but in a lots of makeup and photo editing kind of way. I am not really impressed. It would be nice to see women that dont take 4 hours for makeup to look nice. Plus high Mtc women are not my thing.

  • POOR Unicorn

    yup, she’s hot. it’s all objective but she’s fucking smoking. also, i like the 1st photo best too for some reason

  • Booyaka

    Agreed, she is totally hanging with an all star dbag!

  • papa

    she’s getting photobombed in the first pic

  • bob

    she looks a bit like mila jovovich

  • D

    four hundred photos of yourself = confirmed douchebag

  • Plastur

    These photo are photoshopped, i can tell because i got a long way with image editor program…


  • Maker

    nice smile

    • Ana

      ew..what nice smile.????? she's so feeling…yakz..!!!! :S:p:@

  • Mark

    # 2 is nice with the under/side boob. Even thou it shopped.

  • Joe

    so all u guys think if you work out and get some size your a DB? i feel sorry for your girlfriends….wait you prolly dont have any

  • itsmeson

    she got no boobs or ass wtf ?!?!!

  • krisb

    1st, where are these girls when I go out? 2nd, probably is a baguette, as she loves to take pics of herself and show everyone. 3rd, that guy she is with is a d-bag. and 4th, JOE, it’s “probably” not “prolly”. Stop fixing your hair while you’re typing. Plus, you obviously noticed the d-bag first. Less time in the gym “bro”. I have an awesome girlfriend.

  • Saxondale

    No baps, no ass and loads of moles – no ta!

  • Anonymous

    Her friend in pic one is way hotter

  • Nah

    Meh… She has a horse mouth and a muffin top. :/

  • cnut

    haha some of you people make me laugh with ur comments.
    since your all so obsessed with douchebags maybe you shud go buy a real one to clean out all that sand in your vagina thats making you so cranky.

  • Chris

    She’s good looking, but I put alot of stock into the kind of company a female keeps. It’s hard to tell if she’s a douchebaguette, but the dude in multiple pics with her is definately a doucher. So unfortunately I’m gonna have to say No she’s not the hottest I’ve seen on facebook.

  • Chris

    She’s good looking, but if she’s hanging out with a doucher in multiple pics #12, 15 chances are she’s a douchebaguette. Not the hottest on facebook.

  • aaron

    now im really lost…wheres the douchebag?? that looks like a guy in a t shirt and jeans to me….what the hell is safe to wear if a guy in a t shirt and jeans is a douche??

    does that mean the ramones were douches?? cuz thats just wrong.

    • rcs

      The Ramones were total douches. I met them in Winston Salem and they rock and all but total douches. Then again they were Punks so it should be no surprise.

  • huangzhixian118

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