Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

kristy hot girl Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

One of Kristy’s friends sent us these photos. We’re told she’s a very sweet non-douchebaguette if that’s a factor here.

  • nouu


  • Big Cat

    He’s probably talkin bout the size of both his shirts. Maybe a size to small in both pics. Joey Ramone probably never spray tanned or high lighted his hair either.

  • LOL

    You’re all just sad. This is a beautiful young woman. You all know dang well that if you saw her in real life, you’d give your left nut to be with her for one night. Well…maybe not give your nut…but you’d dang sure shave them if she told you to. Growing back ingrowns or not…

  • A

    Hottest? Maybe. We do know one thing: Her boyfriend is a douche.

  • sirius

    So what if they’re professional photos? A girl that beautiful should only pose for crappy amateur snapshots? All you whiners are only saying that crap about her and the guys she’s with because you know you’ll never even see a girl like that, let alone talk to her. If you clowns want to see a douchebag, look in a mirror.

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  • Patrick Bunker

    Guy looks like a total d-bag, probably plays with himself all day long.

  • s3xt0y

    I’ve seen better.

  • Jeremy Needham

    I bet that girl is suuuuuuper skanky and crazy

  • Ben Wierwill

    By the looks of her chubby thighs, my guess says shes way into binging and purging

  • lodai

    i love the internets. when given the option to compliment somebody or bash them, they’ll bash. i know damn well most of the people talking shit are probably cyber geeks who would never have a prayer with this chick and (LOL had it right) would give their left nut for a piece like this. i know I would. hows about this. if you’re gonna bash, link us to a photo of your current or ex girlfriend. or any girl you’ve ever had? sounds fair to me.

  • Aaron

    so its okay to be really really skinny, or like skinny fat guy seth rogen type……but if you work out and exercise you are a douche….i dont get it. yes, that guys shirt is a few sizes to small, but if he was a skinny nerdy type and it was a NOFX shirt…no one would call him a douche. Stupid.

    p.s. I love NOFX.

  • Anonymous

    Her friend sent the photos in?? Of course she did.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a total douchebag. just thought you needed to know. and a betwetter

  • Big Cat

    skinny fat guy seth rogen? What? It’s simple just wear a shirt that fits. He needs to donate the ones he bought a couple years ago ( pre-douch), and both those shirts were popular two years ago. Then maybe he could be a charitable douche……chicks really dig that.

  • Mike

    Hmm.. striped shirt, jeans.. yep, she’s a douche by association… I’m sry.

    She is hot though.

  • douche

    im sure the ladies love a guy in sandals, denim shorts, and a dragonball Z shirt too. I’d love to see how you retards dress.

  • real deal

    probably the same as you douche: stripped “going out” shirt and run-of-the-mill printed punk rock t-shirt. only exception THEY FIT!!!

  • ariel

    i think she’s totally gorgeous. i’d would definitely get more than friendly with her. i agree with bob, there’s definitely some Mila in there. love it!

    PS. Regarding douchebag guy: once you put in all the work it takes to get muscles like that, you want to show them off. i fully support all men to do the same. as long as the t shirt doesn’t have gemstones or sparkles on it, i think he’s douche-free.

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  • Anonymous

    where i come from we call douche bag guys like that cake boys, guys prolly never even heard a ramones album and he looks like he could suck a golf ball threw a garden hose

  • Art Vandalay

    She may not be a douchebagette but she seems to hang out with douchebags.

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  • One Sick Puppy!

    she should be naked

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