Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

kristy hot girl Kristy, the hottest girl on Facebook? (15 Photos)

One of Kristy’s friends sent us these photos. We’re told she’s a very sweet non-douchebaguette if that’s a factor here.

  • bryainiac


  • Anonymous


  • Nick

    Meh, she’s alright. A cutie to say the least, but I would be tempted to say that she doesn’t look as great without the makeup and photo retouching. I like my women to be that gorgeous naturally … makeup is icing on the cake, not the whole cake itself … I’m just sayin…

    …Oh, and whoever is trying to say those giant douchers up top are just trying to show off their ‘muscles’ by wearing shirts two sizes too small, haha I almost fell outta my chair. Try putting on some real size … these cats are lightweights in size small shirts. I would be tempted to say I have more girth in my forearms than those pansies have in their arms … sorry, just saying, if you are built, you won’t need to buy your clothes at baby gap to try and prove it.

  • Dropper

    From his douche SHIRTS to his SHAVED ARMs, on to his short douche-bag HAIR with HIGHLIGHTS and his SPRAY-TAN, there is absolutely no doubt this guy is anything but a douche-bag. Jesus.

    The girl’s cute. Really needs to drop the douche-bag though.

  • ben

    I like the first picture the best because she reminds me of Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell!

  • bukaye

    not the hottest…wtf are you smoking

  • Adam

    definately cute, but ewww shave ur arms! #5

  • Whoopi Goldberg

    All good looking people are douchebags..

  • gene

    Kristy, you need to go on here:

  • Noah Agino

    Are you beauty and i love you.
    I am humble n get married with you ?

  • D-Bashid

    just another b-model tryin to get some exposure.

  • nichole

    I've actually met Kristy and she's just as stunning in person as she is in these pics. Also an extremely friendly and intelligent human being. Not sure what sure what the precise definition of douchebaguette is, but even as a girl and loyal Chiver who scrolls through every hot girl gallery, she is definitely one of the hottest on facebook.

  • 65massey

    Of all the girls I've ever seen… she's the most recent!

  • A8eez

    think if Milla Jovovich n mila kunis got it on in a preious generation, then this is the result.

  • Nick

    Hey thats my friend from high school. Still talk to her here and there. Good job girl way to be stunning! She is amazing and for all the haters posting. You are just plain retarded. She isn't photoshopped

  • Jeeze

    ya definitely a smoke show, but hottest girl on FB? dont know if i can agree to that.

  • Rajshekhar

    sexy girl! I am going to meet u on facebook

  • Young Savage

    I would say all you faggots talking shit about her would have no idea what to do with that… She is beautiful with or without make up in, have fun jacking off and talking about girls you have no chance with!!! Fucking queers!

  • ????????V.V Sam

    Let’s see your boobis

  • Alan

    Check for Hilary Thrall on FB

  • Andy Georgie Cyman

    this chick totally owes me $5.

  • Ryan Joel

    She could be Milla's lost sister…. resemblance uncanny…. Milla? Kristy?…. now kiss…. lol….

  • Anonymous

    Some of the pictures look photoshopped because they are professional photos.

  • agreed

    zombie killer

  • krisb


  • Ryan Koechel

    Who said douchebag?

  • Kunthrapalli

    Sorry but I have to agree with dipshit.

  • dumdum

    nah, but if you use the phrase “get some size” then yah.

    i dunno… she looks boring for some reason. can’t quite place it.

  • youdummy

    ten bucks says joe is the douchebag in these pictures…and he sent the photos in.

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