Daily Afternoon Randomness (23 Photos)

weird kids leaad Daily Afternoon Randomness (23 Photos)

  • icantbelieveyouvedonethis

    that looks like one of the hot shitty smelling ones that burns a little on the way out

    • Jenni

      Shut up, have you seen the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team! If you have u wouldn’t say crap! We have beanirg, the Drill Instructors have drilled us on that in boot camp! Also since Chesty Puller we have won Alot more contest than the soldiers or Navy! That is all i have to say to a soldier! Semper Fi, till I die!!

  • takeaway

    i’ll be back with my lezzie haircut in an hour

  • liv

    if that fart is real, lol

  • tr45h

    hey i do everything my rice crispies tell me to do too 😀

  • Dingo

    …holy balls….i took the jew quest picture….thats AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    photo shop sucks

  • Sanju

    Granted, the time, skill, and size is wicked imspvsriee. The subject, however, is just super, uber dorky, and lame. Next time build a real robot that can fetch me a beer and I’ll be impressed.

  • Anonymous

    stop using it for evil

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ladies *or whatever science classifies you as* it is not photoshop, art ot editing. it is LYING. You think people haven’t seen you in person?

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