One of these things does not belong here (13 photos)

a out of place 2 One of these things does not belong here (13 photos)

  • evanligus

    Nice asses :p

  • mirou

    I don’t see the problem in the fourth

  • HellHathNoFury

    That’s the white guy, his Asian wife, and her extended family that he was nagged at to bring over with his military paycheck. Not so cute, innocent and sexy anymore, huh, sailor.

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  • lolz

    the #7 picture, the kid looks like axl rose :p


      whoa yeah

  • Psara

    What’s wrong with eleven?

  • Paul

    Lol@ Axl Rose kid.

  • KillerLoop

    LoL @ 6th!

    It’s good to be a DJ =D

  • nouu

    stupid niggs.

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  • wankarelli

    RiHughes is right. HellHathNoFury is wrong.

  • @Troy_Muchwano

    whats wrong with #11 i dont see it

  • evanligus

    Look right in the middle of the picture and you will see it 🙂

  • blueberryvoodoo

    is there an extra arm like in the last supper painting? spooky

  • LOL

    Mermaid has itty bitty teeny tiny tits. 😉

    DOUBLE on the chicks kissing pic…guy is the only guy, and he’s the only black in pic…win! 🙂

    Gallery should be titled “One of these things is not like the other” in my opinion…but then again…whatever works. 😉

  • RiHughes

    “That’s the white guy, his Asian wife, and her extended family that he was nagged at to bring over with his military paycheck. Not so cute, innocent and sexy anymore, huh, sailor.”

    What a stupid thing to say. I guess Asian people can’t be American huh? They all must be imported from a sweatshop or bar in the Philippines. Every Asian woman in America is a mail order bride? My wife is Asian and I am White. Should I just not be in any family pictures? Your ignorant comment is not cute, innocent or sexy.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ignorant? Ha! I work in two nuclear Naval shipyards. A good half of the married men on the boats and subs here are married. More than half of the marrieds are married to women they met overseas. i hear them bitching day in and day out about how they married some broad they met in a bar over ‘there’ and the next thing they know, she won’t put out of STFU until she gets mommy, sisters, cousins and brothers over here. I’ve met too many of them to think the guys are just making things up. When the wives don’t know I work with their husbands, they tell me all kinds of atrocious thiongs they do to get him to bring her family over. They’re shocked that I disagree with their manipulation. I’ve seen one guy’s phone bills driven to $6,000 per month on long distance to the Phillipines. I’ve seen one guy eating only at the Firehouse shack because he’s spent so much on plane tickets that he can’t afford to eat or have a cell phone. I know a guy who walks from his studio apartment to the base because his wife kicked him out of his own Naval base housing because he couldn’t get her brothers residency and jobs here from Korea. Why don’t you STFU until you get a clue, dude.

  • RiHughes

    Well you convinced me.. all Asian women are heartless whores. I doubted your argument but when you said you worked in a nuclear shipyard I quickly realized it qualified you to stereotype and run your mouth at will. Feel free to continue making stupid snarky comments and generalizations about entire races. Maybe your pals from the shipyard shouldn’t have married women they didn’t know or met in a bar. I’ll work on getting my clue. I have only been in the military for 17 years so I’m still learning about life and relationships. Could you direct me to my clue? I’m here in Korea now surrounded by all these evil, conniving women….Yikes! One just grabbed my wallet right out of my pocket! Oh wait.. I just got it… thats how you got your name huh? You lost your man to a Philippino. Ouch…that has to hurt. Well I’m going to go warn everyone I know who is married to an Asian woman that they are doomed to a life of poverty and adultery.

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