Ship made from World Trade Center steel (14 photos)

a world trade center ship 12 Ship made from World Trade Center steel (14 photos)

  • Dingo

    that is beastly

  • Brandon

    Wow, that’s kind of random. At least they put it to use i suppose.

  • ~Dave

    so what was the rush to ship the steel off and melt it down with investigating furter? I dont believe this is made of the same steel really.

  • joe

    9-11 was an inside job – however fantastic this may be – and it truly is – there was a huge effort to hide the truth from the US population – my heart goes out to the peoples lost – now its time for some true justice – the Truth.

  • Nv_Me

    9/11/2001 – Today, 11/9/2009, Over 8 years later and a Ship has been Constructed from the Steel of the Towers…OK…..
    What has been Constructed where the Towers Stood?
    Now THAT would be Symbolic?! Right?

  • Bill The Welder

    Jesus you conspiracy freaks are as bad as the bible thumpers, you’ll believe anything some nut job tells about imaginary people. Let me guess joe your getting all of your information from the internet right? or is it the The Sun periodical the same rag that gave us Bat boy?

    Nv_Me ( yea ok what ever ) the reason for the length of time in building something new at the site of the towers is because as the site is cleaned up and work progresses it stops when bone fragments are found and there have been a great deal of them found as late as last year. When bone fragments are found work has to stop in that area and it is searched for additional remains, these remains are sent to a forensics lab to try and identify them so that they can be laid to rest. Many of those who died in the towers have not been officially laid to rest as their bodies were either incinerated in the jet fuel fire or crushed in powder under the rubble of the concrete and steel that fell on them.

    The discussion to build on the site was a difficult one and that in itself took time and then designs had to be agreed upon and a memorial designed that was acceptable to all the families that had lost a loved one. The Navy ship is a symbol that we are going to fight and not back down, its a symbol of our strength and commitment to stand strong and that from the ashes of devastation we will rise and strike back at those who would hurt us.

  • Hugh Jass

    The Bow Stem is the only part with WTC steel. 7.5 tons. Two more ships are in the works the Sommerset and the Arlington will also have Bow Stems made of WTC steel.

  • yo

    a war machine made with dead bodys…great idea….

  • gOOOOOU!

    I'm just glad I live in California. I can't wait until the day when we secede from the union. All we need to do is sign treaties with the Pacific Rim Nations and we'll have our freedom. We already have the best quality of living out of any other state. We're the smartest and most innovative. We practically run the country as it is. We're also the eighth largest economy in the world. It's not fair that California should have to support every bummish, illiterate state out there. F@#K the U.S.

    Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii could join us if they want. And maybe Nevada, we could use some hookers.

    • Middle of NE

      I would say that you're a tool, but tools are useful. Somehow, I don't think anyone has use for an arrogant prick such as yourself.

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  • I call bullshit.

    This is bullshit. Who gives a fuck if it's made of steel from WTC or not? Is that supposed to make it more righteous when it bombs the shit out of some defenseless port in Africa?

  • Baudouin

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  • mulki

    Are they made of tin foil like your hat?

    Though I guess that’s the great thing about this country, everyone’s entitled to their opinions, no matter how abhorrent they might be.

  • dr

    So Al Queda just happened to fly jets into a couple of buildings that the government was secretly planning to blow up anyhow? That is one heckuva coincidence.

  • Nv_Me


  • To Bill

    yep ur a faggot, i dont wat u wrote but this is a comments section not a short story section.

    hmm lets build somthing that will cause more war…….

  • Ekwulysur

    The World Trade Center buildings weren’t living things. If they were, they would’ve run from the planes.

  • youdummy

    yes they melted dead bodies and molded them into a battleship. Go kill yourself.

  • Bill The Welder

    People cause wars not machines, you want to put blame somewhere then put it on those who would force you to do what they think you should do or tell you what to wear where to eat what religion you should worship.

    And really the best you can come up with is “fag”? wow I’m at a loss for a rhetorical come back to compete with such a powerful insult from an obvious master of whit.

  • libtard

    I agree gOOOOOU! I guess that is why California is broke…idiot

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