I don’t care if he’s rich, you must be joking (3 Photos)

rich gold digger I dont care if hes rich, you must be joking (3 Photos)

We’re looking for some more info on these two jackasses. We’ve heard the hot mess is a Russian musician and she is a gold digger. That last part was an easy assumption. If you can find more info or photos please send them to me at thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com so I can add and hold them up to Chiver ridicule.

Thanks to Dave Austin for sending these photos in. He has a website called Lucky Love Button in which you simply press the button and it shows you all the sluts on Craigslist in your area. True story.

  • plotsky

    that amount of money has not been invented

  • uber nice

    lucky dude

  • Equalizer

    Looks like the Penguin and Catwoman team up together (Lucky bastard…)

  • DAN

    my dog took a dump this morning. guess what it looked like?

  • HellHathNoFury

    I cannot fathom being excited enough about material things to be aroused by that. I mean, look at that disgusting fake blonde hair. Hehe

  • rudeboi

    So money can rent you love……

  • krisb

    In the last pic, he reminds me of Bo Derek in “10”. Or Phoebe Cates in “Fast Times …”

  • Skily

    She looks like a wax figure in the first picture.

  • Random Guy

    I thought that she was a mannequin!

  • ChaChaCha

    He kind of looks like Tom Leykis.

  • chloe


  • Travis

    Uhhh, yeah…I thought she was mannequin also….but that’s a guy that she’s with? I thought the first two pics was a woman with her. I guess the last pics prove it’s a he….although I am only going by the extra hair and manboobs.

  • cmg

    they’re both pretty funny looking

  • Digitsis

    I still think she is a mannequin

  • battleangel

    She must be the newest model of Real Dolls…..

  • populatiemandaat

    I dont think he’s that lucky since there is obviously no real love involved? I pity ‘m

  • Spazzberry

    I agree that he looks like an ugly old lady and she looks like a mannequin. Maybe this is a case like that movie “Lars and the real girl” (I’m not sure if thats the title exactly). I think his money just bought him an extra life-like blowup doll.

  • Spazzberry

    well, maybe not so if-like

  • guy

    lol why is the musician a jackass? Just because he’s talented, makes money and doesn’t give a shit about looking good for all you fuckfags makes him a douche? Or is it because he’s pictured w/ a smoking hot blonde who may or may not be his wife/gf. Chick can be a model making shitloads of money yet she’s a gold digger because she’s photo’d w/ some overweight guy in 3 pictures? Just a bunch of sheep

  • ken

    So, we’re blasting a woman for choosing a mate based on something other than looks? And it is news that some women will choose a mate based on his ability to provide security for her and any children? Shocking!

  • http://www.splogger.ru/ splogger

    Градский Александр Борисович his name

  • john

    Alexander Gradsky

  • Ivan

    He is a bad singer, she – a young whore. A good couple:)

  • http://www.severni.com alexcandr

    Alexander Gradsky

  • MaDaMan

    Your mom?

  • Brandon

    oh snap!

  • Carlos Mal

    I thought the same thing.

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