You'll never believe what's inside this bunker (12 photos)

a underground bunker palace 0 You'll never believe what's inside this bunker (12 photos)

  • at work

    holy shit

  • cookiemonster

    wtf?? Is this for real?

  • kimbaoozero

    wow there are words down here

  • Bunker Surprise « Dakota East

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  • mulliganstu

    Gonna get me one of these for the upcoming zombie apocalypse…

  • yoyomokomo

    Theres a video about this place on It used to be some guys LSD palace.

  • Wrong!

    We’d only be surprised if they somehow turned out to be real due to some elaborate camera work and the shittiest lighting ever. Also, there are absolutely no imperfections on ANYTHING in ANY of these photos. And as a 3d artist, I can say with complete and total confidence: Fake.

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