Apparently Mother Nature stands (10 photos)

a women pee urinate 2 Apparently Mother Nature stands (10 photos)

  • krisb


    • arrow

      penis envy

  • wut

    seriously feminists. arent u going a bit overboard with building fake penis funnels?
    if only freud could see this……

  • ase

    would you want to sit on some of those toilets?

  • robert ball

    Huh? Wait, what?

  • s3xt0y

    ase is true, public toilets are nasty, but if i was a woman id be embarrassed to go to a urinal lol

    • Carl

      It is also very useful for backpacking hikers, so they can easily pee without extensive disrobing.

  • darthslaw

    too bad the crazy NASA chick didn’t have this, she could have used a water bottle instead of a freaking diaper.

  • bustie

    its good when your in the woods, try peeing sitting down it will wet all ur legs THANKS T-PEE!

  • boneman

    yeah, but, can you write your name in the snow with it?

  • jeff Australia

    If ever there was a series of pics that should be on Shechive this is them…
    Save some of the good stuff for them…!

  • yep

    you wouldn’t use it at urinals, silly! You would use the stall like other women, but the idea is that it is a faster, more sanitary way to go potty. If you have ever seen lines to the women’s bathroom, there are definitely inventions to be had…And on the plus side, they, like all inventions, will only get better.

  • hannah


  • top dog

    Some women will do anything to get a penis, all they have to do is ask.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got a natural ‘he-wee’

  • dragontamer363

    the only function i can think this for is when you’re out hiking.
    Even then if you have to start hoiking your trousers down anyway, doens’t it defeat teh whole point>

  • 7

    I hope this is a joke.

  • simonebitesss

    i would feel ridiculous using one of those…or carrying one of those things around with me.

    i don’t understand why girls can’t pee standing up. i just spread my junk, aim, and go. it’s a good party trick.

    • big dog

      Spread your junk???

  • simonebitesss

    as for toilets, i just squat.

  • Pants

    Where the hell does one store a plastic pee tube after using it?

  • Anonymous

    its also for people that have bladder problems…so they feel more comfortable, i know someone who has one, shes never used it but she knows she has it just in case….
    and also if your on long trips somewhere

  • bill

    could be fun at party,s

  • SenorWilson

    It seems like it would be easier just to sit on a toilet… Who wants to carry around a vagina cupping device that has been peed into…

  • Lauren

    Females in the military are issued these so when we can't stop for a long time to take all the gear off and stuff this is a lot faster. lol Its still not the best thing ever lol.

  • Omni

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Placing toilet paper on the seat solves that problem pretty well.

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